Twoddler Tweeting Toy: Marketing Brilliance or Useless Gimmick!

“There has to be a thin line between creative, innovative ideas and useless ones! I guess it’s all a matter of the target audience’s perception!” By the author.

Do you remember Reddit’s Bacon Soap: Reddit’s efforts to create a marketing buzz about their brand? Well, Fisher Price is now aiming to gain some fame and buzz through its latest controversial product: The Twoddler Tweeting Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

Within the context of how social media and technology affect parenting, this Twoddler Toy opens the door for debate: Will parents love this toy in order to brag about their toddlers’ tweets and rejoice for their ability to stay in touch with them? Or will this toy be mocked for being, in reality, ridiculously useless since the toddlers’ tweets will make no sense whatsoever?

Looking forward for your opinions below :)

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5 responses to “Twoddler Tweeting Toy: Marketing Brilliance or Useless Gimmick!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Personally, I think it's a useless marketing yet brilliant gimmick because I think Fisher Price feel left out with all the technological advancements brought about by Web 2.0 and social media!

  2. Roba says:

    Is it really Fischer Price? That is absolutely shocking to me. Okay, the toy is kinda lame, now that I look at it. But really… I insist the idea is great. It just needs a different way.

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    The only possible use I see is if the kid's mom is in the next room, with twitter live-streaming the baby's random hits – just to know he's not climbing on the edge of a table!

    Wow… to think someone wasted time & money to take this from idea to design to production then marketing is unbelievable!

  4. IBBT says:

    Twoddler is not a product developed by Fisher Price. It's an experiment of some students and researchers of Hasselt University (Belgium). They used an old Fisher Price activity centre and enhanced with sensors arduino modules and a network card. The toy is programmed to tweet messages when someone plays with it. You can also send a song to it from the internet and 2 enhanced activity centres can communicate with eachother.

    Twoddler is a prototype system as a result of a course on combining hardware and software in an innovative way. It is not a commercial product nor is it available for general usage. How serious you take this, is entirely up to you!

    Twoddler took part in the INCA (Innovative and Creative Applications) competition (organised by IBBT) and won the first prize because of it's potential. The concept behind this application: a new way to make it possible for non-verbal persons (like twoddlers or handicapped people) to use verbal communication.

    More information can be found here:

  5. Beiruta says:

    Thank you for the clarification :) I can see more potential for it now since I understand more the idea behind it, especially when it comes to the handicapped. All the best.

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