10 Social Media Concepts You Should Follow [video]

The Intersection Consulting blog brings to you a simple and fresh visualization of 10 social media concepts including social capacity, social media tools, social media strategy, engagement and social listening.

The main purpose of this video is meant to arm you with some of the necessary knowledge and know-how about using social media to best suit your needs and interests.

Here is a list of my thoughts and humble analysis of the points mentioned in the video above:

1. There is a vast difference between the “rush” to use a certain media tool, as opposed to the actual “need” for it.

For example, you are looking to advertise a certain product for Valentine’s Day. You need to utilize a certain medium but you are running out of time so you just decide to create a Facebook group and settle with it as your campaign. Though it might actually bring your target audience closer to your product, it might portray a weak or even negative image if it’s not wholesome and comprehensive. Always think strategy first!

2. Companies and individuals must assess the abilities and resources they in relation to creating content, maintaining communities and social media channels.

Both tolerance towards social media and resources to manage social media tools and sites are highly important to ensure the success of your social media strategy.

3. Utilizing multiple, well researched social media channels will increase your brand’s engagement.

Once you have figured out the suitable social media mix for your brand, being involved in multiple channels will definitely increase your brand’s presence throughout the web.

4. Always be involved.

Whether in bad times or good times, always be there, participate and share ideas, thoughts, worries and concerns.

5. Try to filter through the noise to find what helps you grow, as a brand and as an individual.

Don’t take social media lightly; just as much as it brings you good sound knowledge, it can also bring you useless, time wasting content and stories!

6. Use social media to build a bridge for face-to-face communication, when necessary.

Social media should always remain social! Don’t let the long hours you spend behind your screen keep you away from meeting prospects and potentials who you meet online.

Finally, and as Chris Brogan advices, make sure to be helpful, present and always try to pay it forward! Looking forward to reading your ideas about my analysis :)

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  1. M.Bamieh says:

    good tips for staying ahead of the curve

  2. Thanks for featuring my video on your blog – Great added insight and analysis!

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