10 Tweeps Who Will [fill-in-the-blank] Your Creative Juices!

There are a bunch of people on Twitter talking about everything and anything, nonetheless, we all need our constant supply of creativity! So, in our unending service to humanity, we would like to share with you the top 10 creative tweeps who you must follow on your Twitter account.

These are people who perfected the art of a 140 character creativity, and are able to stimulate your creative juices with their brilliant “single” liners.

1. @bkmacdaddy, Brian McDaniel

Biography: Web and graphic designer: SEO XHTML CSS PHP Joomla Templates, Magento Themes, WordPress Themes, Twitter Backgrounds – all your web design dreams in 1 place!

Interesting Tweets:

A Showcase Of Logos Of Logo Designers – http://bit.ly/5KlrBW

Surreal Illustrations by Mámo Tuja – Abduzeedo – http://bit.ly/8spXHj

@bkmacdaddy: Inspirational design related tweets

@bkmacdaddy: Inspirational design related tweets

2. cheth, Chetan

Biography: Chief Web / Graphic Designer; and the troublemaker at ChethStudios.

Interesting Tweets:

15 Tips and Techniques for Styling the button element http://ow.ly/16eTZB

40 Breathtaking Examples of Aerial Photography http://ow.ly/16eT1y

3. petapixel, Michael Zhang

Biography: A photography blog for the Web 2.0 generation. We also tweet the tastiest photo links on the web!

Interesting Tweets:

10 unique and amazing places on Earth: http://j.mp/5RCAkH

How to become known as a better photographer: http://j.mp/7u7bRJ


@petapixel sharing his love for winter and photography

4. chrisspooner, Chris Spooner

Biography: I’m a creative Designer, avid Blogger and I’m generally crazy about pretty colors and shapes.

Interesting Tweets:

A Beginners Guide to Digital Textile Printing – http://is.gd/5GHPi

30 Best Illustrator Tutorials of 2009 – http://is.gd/5GA0g

5. seanHodge, Sean Hodge

Biography: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Vector Illustrator, Blog Editor, and Writer. I love to teach, share, & tweet.

Interesting Tweets:

Typography Mania #8 http://abduzeedo.com/typography-mania-8 * some awesome typographic work and illustrative lettering

Picasso Pictures Christmas Card – http://is.gd/5CGbD *awesome vector animation


@seanHodge tweeting to inspire your design instincts!

6. Woork, Antonio Lupetti

Biography: Engineer, Pro Blogger, Mac User, Web Addicted. Founder of woorkup.com

Interesting Tweets:

35 of the Best Icon Sets for Web Designers http://bit.ly/7ASgDF

A Single Sheet of Paper http://bit.ly/8GIyab #creative #inspiration

7. youthedesigner, youthedesigner

Biography: Graphic Design Blog and Tips for Designers!

Interesting Tweets:

83 Crazy/Beautiful Letterhead and Logo Designs http://bit.ly/6lpXas

51 Inspirational Vintage Movie Posters http://bit.ly/7JJxdH


@youthedesigner tweeting about inspirational poster designs

8. collis, Collis

Biography: Hola, I am Collis, I write about startups at TheNetsetter, and run one called Envato.

Interesting Tweets:

15 WordPress Themes with Unusual Uses – http://bit.ly/6vBm5L

60 Flash Sites that Rock! http://bit.ly/8VmAV3

9. chasejarvis, Chase Jarvis

Biography: Maniac Photographer Director.

Interesting Tweets:

http://bestc.am/Qg1I Photo: stumbling on nothing and making it something.

http://bestc.am/rgcX Sunday night at the cookhouse. Kurtwood farms.


@chasejarvis tweeting about his creative video

10. ScottBourne, Scott Bourne

Biography: Host – Photofocus Podcast, Publisher Photofocus.com, President Bourne Media Group – photographer, author, teacher, speaker, new media pioneer.
Interesting Tweets:

I built my first Lightroom Preset – You can have a free copy here – http://bit.ly/6PPeW8 – #photography

7 steps to buying the right camera lens – http://bit.ly/4v6eiA – #photog


I hope you enjoyed the list. Have any favorites that we didn’t mention? Who’s your favorite out of the list? Let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. Done! I'm following all of them. Thanks for the tip ;)

  2. Geeee says:

    I really liked this post … I followed all of them now … thx a lot for the inspiration ;)

  3. Scott Bourne says:

    Thanks for the honor. Great list.

  4. 9swords says:

    Great list, thanks for introducing me to Chase Jarvis. I followed him on your recommend.

  5. Those tweeps looks great.

  6. Beiruta says:

    I totally agree :)

  7. Excellent tweeps and no doubt why you selected these as the best. Thanks for sharing…

  8.  Good tweeps, thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.

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