5 Uncovered Myths about Getting Retweeted!

Every now and then, someone somewhere decides to fabricate or resurrect a new myth or urban legend which changes the way we see and even do certain things! Like, for example, I would not dare say “Bloody Mary” 3 times in a row in front of my mirror in the dark, no matter what the stakes are and even if it was a bet with great returns!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

A few days ago, while wandering around in the social media realm, I came across a new fabricated myth molded into a post form called:“5 Secrets To Get Retweets That The Experts Won’t Tell You”.

Having had a great and prosperous Twitter experience so far, it really got on my nerves to read such a post, wondering: Who are those experts? And how would someone make such assumptions? Based on what exactly?

In a nut shell, this myth lessened my Twitter experience and turned it into a joke, which is why I decided to rebel by fighting it back!

Uncovering the Myth about Getting Retweeted…

1. Focus On The Sexually Active.

In this fantasy post I read, the author stressed the importance of focusing on the “sexually active” tweeps, saying that sex always sells! I tend to highly disagree, with a frown! From my humble yet vast experience, I found that most active, valuable tweeps are those who are more business-oriented; those who want to promote a high quality image and promote their designs, inspiration and even quotes that aim towards providing a better quality of life!

Those “sexually active” tweeps usually follow way more than the number which follows them in return and they are a real “turn off” for those on Twitter for a reason or a cause!

2. Write Smarter Not Shorter.

I’d say write smarter and from the heart! That is all that matters! Always regard who your audience is and what your objectives are! Shorter could be better if you are trying to promote a certain blog post since you do not want to bore or confuse your audience!

3. Don’t Ever “Please RT”

The Art of Retweets

The Art of Retweets

Really? Who said so? Not all of Twitter users are like Mashable; with high ranks and a great almost flawless reputation! We need support from our followers and we should earn it and never take it for granted! “Please RTis a sign of humbleness, nothing more. It shows that you do not assume that people will automatically retweet you and that you appreciate their time and efforts in retweeting you!

4. Timing Is Everything.

Although I do agree that timing plays a very important role in Twitterverse, especially if you are looking to get retweets for your posts but timing is not everything! If you place a dull title of a boring post in your tweet, regardless of the time, you will not be retweeted! Also, if we tweet random thoughts all the time, trust me, no matter when you do so, no one will really care!

5. Stop Caring About Everyone.

The author of this myth infested post talks about “Nobody wants to lose a follower by offending them somehow” in a negative way! But I smirk and say: All that matters is caring about your followers because, at the end of the day, they make up your community and your support base! You should care about everyone and make sure you don’t offend them! What will you be on Twitter without them??

Myth Busting at its Best!

Never bite a hand that feeds you“… That is the only way you grow and excel in life, and on Twitter as well! It is all about giving in order to get.

Your loyalty, love and appreciation to those who support you will result in a harvest of the same qualities in return.

Finally, I’d like to hear your opinion about a few things: Do you believe any of those myths are true? Do you have any good advice to offer those tweeps out there?

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9 responses to “5 Uncovered Myths about Getting Retweeted!”

  1. Roba says:

    Interesting list, though i'm not sure I agree with you on everything. I hate it when people say “Please RT”, I'm much less likely to roll it when they do that :)

  2. FadiPick says:

    For me it is the other way around, I mean I don't like to include PLS RT in my tweets, but I usually rush on re-tweeting those tweets with PLS RT added to it. People tend to answer help calls. Dan Zarella researched this and concluded that it is more likely for your tweet to get tweeted if you added it :)

  3. mike2977 says:

    I agree that “plz RT” isn't necessary. If I like something, I'll RT it. (Especially from this blog.)

  4. The “please RT” is a tough one. I follow a few people who always use it. It becomes easy to ignore. If someone uses it sparingly, then it serves as a clear signal that “This tweet is important to me, and I would really appreciate some help”.

  5. E T says:

    I am enjoying your blog. I find your comments to be thoughtful and worthy of my investment. Thank you.

  6. audrey says:

    Well, you do look like an expert in twitter. Nice post. Am personally never a success in twitter.

  7. Awesome post- I have a fair ammount of followers and I'm always surprised at how few people ask me to RT for them- If my followers will find value in it I'm happy to Rt.

    Asking takes courage and the rewards are massive- On twitter and off!

    Paul V Harris

  8. Dr. Joyce says:

    Love this blog. Keep up the good work:)

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