Earn More Money With These Adsense Plugins For Firefox

Do you use Adsense for your blog? If you do, we have compiled for you a list of some of the best Firefox Adsense plugins that should make your life a little easier (and a little richer, we hope!):

1. Adsense Monitor

Adsense Monitor screenshot

Adsense Monitor screenshot

Keep your eye on your earnings real-time as your visitors click with this Adsense clicks monitor for Firefox. You can browse using the same filters that Adsense uses: today, yesterday, last 7 days, etc. You can also customize the update frequency, and use it to monitor your Adsense statistics for content, feeds, search, mobile, and domains.

Download Adsense Monitor.

2. MoneyQuake

Moneyquake screenshot

Moneyquake screenshot

MoneyQuake is another real-time earnings tracker. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t only work for Adsense, but also for other popular advertising platforms. You can browse your earnings by day and month, and view clicks and impression stats. The plugin is always a click away, with an icon in the taskbar.

Download MoneyQuake (Up to Firefox 3).

3. Adsense Preview

Adsense Preview screenshot

Adsense Preview screenshot

Preview the kind of Adsense ads that might appear on a certain page if you are to add Adsense to it. This plugin can be very useful in two ways:
1. You can make sure that high-paying keywords are the ones being picked up by Adsense.
2. You can preview the different sizes of Adsense banners/ads.

Download Adsense Preview

4. Google Shortcuts

Google Shortcuts Screenshot

Google Shortcuts Screenshot

Sometimes, all you really need is a button that makes it easy to access all your Google services, such as Google Webmasters or Google Adsense. This plugin gives you just that: display your needed Google services where you need them on your browser. A big Google button. How nice.

Download Google Shortcuts

5. Ad Hacker

Adhacker screenshot

Adhacker screenshot

This plugin is supposed to protect from snoopy advertisers by alerting you to when and who someone is inserting cookies, beacons, bugs, etc. in websites to track you. It’s on this list because it can be very helpful when used as a learning tool to see how and why advertisers do what they do. It also lets you program your own rules for finding bugs.

Download AdHacker

6. Google Account Multi-Login

Multiaccount Screenshot

Multiaccount Screenshot

(This is a Greasemonkey script. You have to download Greasemonkey to use it)

If you have more than one Adsense account, this plugin is a timesaver designed to remove the “Sign Out” link on top of the page and replace it with a dropdown menu of accounts. The best part? It works for all Google services and not just Adsense!

Download Google Account Multi-Login

Do you have any favorite Adsense plugins? If you do, please share them with us. If you like Firefox plugins as much as we do, don’t Forget to check out our Pimp-up Your Girlfriend’s PC This New Year’s post for more!

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