Facebook’s VitaminWater “Connect” Flavor

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: VitaminWater "Connect" Campaign

: Products and services

: http://www.facebook.com/vitaminwater?ref=search&sid=503262869.1974389618..1

: Facebook

: Mostly US based Facebook & Twitter users, Vitamin Water consumers, both females & males of ages between 13 and 28

: Cash prize, sense of belonging & quenching thirst in a healthy way!

: January 7,2010

: Mid January

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“Vitamin Water has just launched a new Black Cherry-Lime Facebook flavored drink with Caffeine and 8 other nutrients. Now you can hydrate, take your vitamins and connect with thousands of others on Facebook all at the same time”.

First it was Reddit’s Bacon Soap, and now it is Facebook’s VitaminWater: “Connect”! What is going on with those social media sites and venues? Are they going nuts? Trust me, they are not; they are seeking to gain attention and loyalty and further expand their target audience!

Good move VitaminWater and consequently Facebook, although I have to stress the fact that I saw this coming and I think Twitter is on the way!

Campaign Idea & Goals:

When I came across this campaign for the first time, my first thought was: Really? Is Facebook trying to the Food & Beverage market in order to produce more financial gains? Yet after a while I was clever enough to deduce that what Facebook is doing in collaboration with VitaminWater is way larger than considering sales and profit; it’s more of a PR dish, cooked well to its last ingredient!

The way I see it, the VitaminWater team realizes the heavy and well endowed competition that is facing them and they understand that without some kind of advertising stunt with time they might, become less and less visible! In order to combat this, they are following Reddit’s footsteps for PR for a new product carrying their name in order to:

  • Keep their name fresh in their audience’s minds
  • Boast about their creativity to Facebook users
  • Attract attention from non-consumers
  • Induce loyalty to those who join their product’s fanpage

Buzz Generated:

Numbers were never really my game yet, through some research, I was able to find a few clues here and there about the success of this “strange” campaign in terms of views and popularity.

What I found rather intriguing was the huge number of Facebook’s Vitamin Water’s Fanpage, which was around 1,113,314 fans who currently hovering there and, in one way or another, are increasing advertising sales for Facebook and attracting more users to Facebook and its features!

Facebook VitaminWater: Connect

Facebook VitaminWater: Connect

Apparently, for this particular campaign, the buzz is on!

Not only did the Facebook Fanpage contribute to this buzz, Mashable also wrote about this move, with 279 retweets, 42 Facebook shares and 18 comments. Techrunch did as well, with 70 comments, 1,132 retweets and 704 Facebook shares!

Campaign Roll: Execution

Mashable reports: When Vitamin Water decided to let Facebook users create a new flavor we had no idea that the final product would pay homage to Facebook in so many ways. The new flavor, announced today, is called “Connect” (as in Facebook Connect?) and even carries the Facebook logo on the bottle label. Ultimately, Facebooker Sarah from Illinois was awarded the grand prize — a nice cash sum totaling $5,000 — for her role in designing the new Connect flavor.

Opinions & Lessons Learned:

Due to the positive reflections of this campaign on Facebook, I think that this campaign is a planned operation designed by VitaminWater and Facebook. I don’t think it was a coincidence! Even if it was, I am really amazed by its results; it did grab a lot of attention!

VitaminWater Connect Tastes Like Facebook Spirit

VitaminWater Connect Tastes Like Facebook Spirit

As for the lessons I think one should take into consideration when planning to create a social media campaign, and after writing this post. They are as follows:

  • Combined efforts in advertising a campaign can have unexpected positive incomes on all parties.
  • Involving your target audience in your campaign creates a sense of belonging, thus makes them more involved and increases their loyalty.
  • When possible, valuable cash prizes can motivate people more to participate in your campaign.

Hope you learned as much as I did from this campaign. Looking forward to your feedback in the comments section.

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  1. Roba says:

    I love this! :) I think it's a hilarious campaign, I also love the copy they use.

  2. jackjds1 says:

    Just the thing I needed in this searing heat.

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