Google StreetView: Virtually Stealing Adspace

Google patent for the ads

Google patent for the ads

Google was just granted the patent above, which is leading internet observers to believe that Google will soon introduce ad-retailing on outdated billboards in Google Street View.

Basically, if a banner owner feels like the ad showing is totally out of date, he would be able to update the spot with a different ad, just like on a real billboard.  According to the patent, it will also work with posters in shop windows and theatres, and Google seems to be planning to also sell space for “unclaimed” spots–potentially leaving the spots free for rival services to advertise on a competitor’s business.


Okay, it probably won't look exactly like this...

What Does This Mean For Online Advertising?

With banner blindness going stronger than ever, advertisers and ad-sellers must come up with new ways to make use of the online community to generate advertising money.

Advertising in virtual worlds like Second Life became very popular several years back, but soon proved to be a fad. Meanwhile, contextual advertising like Adsense is still growing strong.

Google’s bold move with Street View advertising will take things to a new level, seriously linking the offline corporate world with the online one. They will become one entity, where a user can check a movie theatre on Google Street View to see what they’re screening rather than call them (or check their website).

This might open ideas to other services as well. It might be a long shot, but imagine a world where offline ad-vendors make deals with Google to publish their campaigns simultaneously both online and offline? Instant, real-time synchronization.

It will be an exciting next few years in terms of online advertising.

What do you foresee for advertising online in the next few years? Do you think Google’s Street View idea is going to be successful? Or are advertisers still barely getting accustomed to banners?

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I think we are looking at a dark, gloomy and spam-loaded future!

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