Green is the New Black: A Mobile Campaign with Potential!

In fashion, black has always been “the trend”; it is a classic and never gets old, dull or boring.

Nowadays, I see green mobiles having the potential to turn into trendy and highly used and adopted phones, if special attention and clever strategic thinking are used to decide how they will be marketed, where and to whom.

Stay Connected, With a Cause!

As I read The Most Exciting Developments In Green Cell Phones, my interest in this category of mobile phones grew, encouraging me to find a unique and fresh approach to promote them in order to be a part of a bigger cause: helping the environment! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a phone that uses solar power cells, non-toxic recyclable plastic and eco-friendly paints?

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Since these phones are meant to reduce toxic waste without forcing you to give up your mobile communication habit – or even addiction, combining fashion, trend, creativity and eco friendliness in one product should be able to pay off depending on some major factors.

A Campaign with Potential

In this post, I will try to dissect the main factors that will ensure that these mobiles would shine out amongst the crowded mobile options available everywhere, and for all, these days!

Thinking Strategy:

Such cause related and fun technology should be treated with care in terms of the marketing mix entailed. Whoever decides to go out and promote these phones is going out on a limb since these phones are not as “sophisticated” as Google’s phone, the new Nokia or even the Blackberry.

Choosing Wisely:

When deciding on the social media channels to promote such a product, special attention should be given to more dedicated sites and tools:

  • Flickr and StumbleUpon could be utilized to promote the visual aspect of the phones portraying them as cool and funky images. They could also be used to point out their different options.
  • Youtube could be used to make detailed yet fun video reviews of the phones and what they are capable of in comparison to other “normal” phones.
  • Facebook could be used in form of Fanpages which are active and could provide interesting and useful information as well as offer sweepstakes and giveaways to loyal fans.
  • Twitter could be used to attract people to visit the above social media sites. It could be also used to try to make #greenphones a trending topic.

Stressing the Message:

With products such as these, it is very important to stress the cause vs. the price or even the brand. Even if the green phone is not as equipped as others in the market, it is still “cool” and plays a role in “saving the environment” and the “future of our kids”.

Samsung Blue Earth Phone

Samsung Blue Earth Phone

Wrapping it Up…

If the price is right, I am sure I will be willing to buy a green phone right now! I may not be able to do greater things to help save the environment, yet little things are always better than nothing! Don’t you agree?

Would you buy a green phone? What would attract you to or rebel from buying it? Looking forward to reading your thoughts down below :)

Comments and Reactions

4 responses to “Green is the New Black: A Mobile Campaign with Potential!”

  1. Roba Al-Assi says:

    Hi Beirut, thats interesting. I always wonder if these “green” things are just trying to jump on the sustainability bandwaggon.

  2. Amer Kawar says:

    I just wonder about actual usability and battery life. Did technology reach the point in which it can bridge the gap between the power-hungry smartphones and the low efficiency solar power cells into a usable state?

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    Hmm i guess it should be marketed as being more functional since sadly eco friendly technology usually entails the label of putting up with semi-functional devices to save the enviroment… not popular beyond the realm of tree huggers

  4. Karl says:

    Excellent. I think sometimes we get to hung up on whether or not we should do things just because of the environment. We should use less resources as a matter of course and it will be this I believe that will force business into greener thinking.

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