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: Dunkin Donuts

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: US Social Media users, both genders and all ages

: Different Prizes

: June, 2009

Social media encompasses a wide variety of tools, options and venues for strong product, service and individual campaign promotion and measurement. When utilized correctly, social media can reap great coverage, profits and exposure as well, igniting interest, creating awareness and enhancing a brand’s overall image. Therefore, and in efforts to allow you to better understand and grasp the right use of social media for your upcoming campaigns, the Thoughtpick team has dedicated a regular section for you tailored to analyze old, new and current campaigns in terms of audience, success, lesson learned and more so you could learn about social media by example!

Dunkin Donuts’ approach is one which I would call one of “a man with a plan”! Their continuous promotions to their fans through innovative, creative and fresh campaigns provide an an element of dial-up and dial-down within their social media venues; keeping consumers engaged but not overwhelmed and helping to create a longer term relationship!

Campaign Idea & Goals:

About 7 months ago, in June 2009, Dunkin Donuts released yet another new product: Coolatta. In their efforts to find creative ways to tie offline brand experiences with online social media promotion, Dunkin Donuts began this campaign on Facebook: Dunkin Donuts’ Facebook Campaign Turns Your Profile Pic into Prizes

Dunkin Donuts used a Facebook Fan Page strategy combined with some Twitter help, @dunkindonuts to promote the idea of the campaign and attract more traffic to the fan page. Their main ideas was gaining access to friends of friends while helping brand advocates to feel equally rewarded and recognized.

Keep it Coolatta Campaign - Dunkin Donuts

'Grab It, Snap It, Post It and Win It' - Dunkin Donuts

Buzz Generated:

The buzz generated form this campaign was quite good since the famous Mashable wrote about it, as I mentioned above. Their post alone got 294 retweets and 17 comments.

Furthermore, Dukin Donuts’ overall number of Twitter followers increased since the campaign from a total of around 23,000 followers to almost 43,000 followers. Also, at the time of the campaign, there was about 103 comments on the update with the campaign details plus around 500 clicks on the like button.

A Snapshot of Dunkin's Recent Twitter Account

A Snapshot of Dunkin's Recent Twitter Account

Campaign Roll: Execution

With the “Keep It Coolatta” sweepstakes, fans of the brand on Facebook (there’s over 800,000 of them)  posted a photo of themselves with any Coolatta beverage to the Fan Page wall, added the caption #CoolattaGiveaway, and subsequently updated their profile with the pic. Consequently, they were entered to win a daily giveaway. Dunkin’ Donuts randomly selected winners, awarded the prizes, and updated their official profile with the winning image.

Prizes included interesting summer items, such as air conditioners, an iPhone, JetBlue vouchers, a flatscreen TV and more.

Opinions & Lessons Learned

The way I see it, forgetting the stats and all the complications, Dunkin Donuts’ campaign was rather unique with a creative and fresh touch.

Though I would not have participated in it at all, since it required me taking pictures of myself and posting them on Facebook, I am sure to many teenagers, this idea was perceived as cool and trendy!

As for the lessons learned form this campaign, they are as follows:

  • It is not always about the “number” of social media channels that you decide to utilize. Sometimes, less is more and more could be less as well!
  • You should always have a well-planned strategy in mind, one which you have revised and covered from all aspects taking into accounts factors such as the target audience, the product and so on.
  • Using unique and fun ideas in your campaign has more potential of attracting a larger number of your target audience.
  • Combining on-line and off-line experiences could bring great value and more loyal consumers to your products and/or services.

Finally, and as a treat for you, here are some tips on making your own Coolatta, click here!

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11 responses to “Learn Social Media By Example: Dunkin Donuts Campaign”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    I think this campaign is bringing product placement to the laymen … i wonder if there are like 3 of those campaigns going on and some runs with a picture that includes all those products together what would happen …personally not much of a fan of product placements

  2. Roba Al-Assi says:

    Oooh nice idea! It's good to have some sort of manual when you're dealing with social media campaigns, as this whole thing is new and having a place with examples is great! Good post Beirut!

  3. Tazy_Jo says:

    Where are you B? we miss your articles :( it has been six days :(

  4. I wonder if there are like 3 of those campaigns going on and some runs with a picture that includes all those products together what would happen .

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  6. Dlebrun says:

    i think someone should tell all dunkins toi make a sugar free muffin cookie ect we need s healthyb america and i will tell you yhat many people would love it ,,,,,advertise it for health less calories and i bet a big sale 330 calories for a muffin use splender and its 150 calories ,,,,,people wpould buy two at a time its a money maker some one is slow about health roger e mail me back i want to suggest this and get a response

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  10. Eklinger says:

    Here’s another good example and you can still enter to win…  http://www.fedex.com/connectnow

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