Liberate Your Web 2.0 Soul with Facebook Suicide!

Do you feel you are missing out on your real life? Do you feel you don’t have control over your time? Well then, you should consider a web 2.0 suicide! All you have to do is go to Web 2.0 suicide machine and sign out forever.

What you have to do is select a network: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Myspace and provide the website with your login credentials. Then the site will automatically cleanse your online presence and change your password as well, removing any hope of resurrecting the account. After that “the machine” will go on removing all your connections, friends, wall posts and tweets to completely eradicate your private content and relationships.



The website does not delete or deactivates your account, instead it makes it clear that you are no longer active on this account and that you have committed suicide. This is done by indicating that you have committed suicide and changing your profile picture to that of a noose.

The whole idea is quite nifty and could really be of great use to those college students embarking on their first “real” job,¬†for people whom have been part of a failed relationship and want to step away or for anyone that misses the RL.

Facebook is anti-euthanasia!

Sadly, Facebook is pissed off at the suicide machine and has blocked off the service from their servers. Not only that, they have also sent a cease and desist letter asking them stop their service and remove all the profile pics they have on their memorial page.They still have not replied.

This is not the first time that Facebook takes such a move. At the end of last year, a website called Seppukoo, which deletes your Facebook profile in a similar fashion has been threatened by Facebook with legal action if they don’t stop assisting virtual suicide. So it seems like Facebook is actually trying to kill this movement in the bud before people start realizing that they do have the option to just walk away. After all, it’s not like Facebook with 350 million users is threatened by the loss of those 50,000 or so users who committed suicide.

Who owns your information?

There is an interesting thing that this situation raises, which is who exactly owns “your” information? It’s not a third party that is scraping the account, it is actually the user authorizing it on his own. The service only facilitates the process, making it easier to remove yourself which is the main thing that infuriates Facebook. Facebook feels that it has a right to your account and what you do with it, and will make it as hard as legally possible for you to delete your account. This is the same company that used to make it easier for you achieve saint hood than to completely delete your account.

Making it hard by design?

Making it hard by design?

Thus, and in the spirit of rebellion, here is a reminder of how to completely and entirely delete your Facebook profile:

  • Click on this link
  • Enter your username and password
  • Verify that you want to delete your account
  • Do not log on for the next 14 days and it will be deleted completely
  • To speed up the process contact Facebook informing them of your wishes on
  • Attempt to log on to your account and verify that it has been deleted

So how do you feel about committing suicide? Are you bothered by the way Facebook has acted? Let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    Great submission M! I loved it! Made me rethink my whole addictive relationship with social media… I want to use that machine and set my soul free! — but I don't dare to! :S

  2. This video really should start with a rousing rendition of “Don't Fear The Reaper”.

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