Nick Shantazio Using Facebook to Locate His Brutal Attackers! [video]

Mr. Nick Shantazio was attacked by TWO men as he was peacefully hanging posters at the local movie theater! His violent attackers, who managed to bruise him badly, are no where to be found!

In order to locate the attackers, Nick chose the police PLUS Facebook! He posted his story, in details, on Facebook and people started responding and circulating the story as well!

Though the police have no possible suspects, Nick seems to have faith that Facebook will do him right!

I wonder now: Is this what social media is going to be in 2o1o: The police helper? Helping the police in catching criminals and attackers just as CSI and NCIS do? I also wonder: If the same thing was to happen with you, would you do the same, especially if the police fail?

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  1. I think this is a great way to use facebook for good. There had to have been someone who witnessed the attack. Through Facebook this person can be located and these criminals can be brought to justice.

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