Obama Warns: Facebook is a BIG BAD Wolf! [video]

Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.” Marlon Brando

I, too, believe in privacy as being an absolute perquisite; one which must exist in order to be able to practice and reach real freedom and, accordingly, self development.

Yet, and since Web 2.0 and social media have become major elements in our life’s routine, our privacy is slowly receding, like an old man’s balding head! Day after day, we are finding ourselves more exposed to the world outside and people we have never met. It seems that everyone knows each other across this big world, as sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube becoming more and more inhibited!

In the two videos below, Obama warns about posting pictures or personal information on Facebook, stressing that this might come and haunt you in the near future! Whether this is this another PR stunt or not, is not clear to me however it seems that even Obama has been stung by Facebook just like Zuckerberg was a few weeks ago!

Finally, and in order to wrap this argument up, I urge you to think about my following questions:

  • Are you REALLY watching out for your privacy online?
  • Are you taking the necessary precautions not to be deceived by social media like many have been?
  • How serious do you take posting your pictures and stories in front of millions of people out there, including rapists, x-cons, perverts, pedophiles, murderers and so on!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and insights down below!

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  1. Max says:

    Interesting topic…shall watch it tomorrow. Too late now.

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