Twitter Tips: Best Way to Track ’em Tweets

In the past, brands and websites expected the conversations to be carried on their own website, but the situation has drastically changed nowadays. Nowadays, comments and mentions can occur on many different platforms and services and it’s hard to keep up with the conversation if you are not using the appropriate tool(s).

One of the most popular platforms is Twitter, and you would want to be in-the-know about what people are talking on it. Tracking conversations and mentions on Twitter can be a bit mind boggling and time consuming but if you use the right tool for the job then you’ll be able to get ahead.

Tracking a Bunch of Websites Really Quick



If you are interested in checking Twitter mentions of several websites and pages that don’t fall under any specific topic then you need to use Kutano. Kutano is the easiest way to check any Twitter mention of a webpage. All you have to do is go to their website and install the appropriate plug-in for your browser and then sign up and log in to the service.

After logging in, you will be able to find mentions of the website using the “Tweets on Page” icon. As an added bonus, you can also check if anyone had any discussion points on that webpage as well. Discussions are tweets that don’t directly link to the page but mention it either with a related  hashtag or keyword.

This is really useful if you are trying to gauge the popularity of a page, or to see the type of people who mention it and what they say about it with a couple of clicks.

You Wish for a Twitter Alert like Google’s


Google alerts really simplified the life of anyone wanting to track mentions or referrals. It provided users with the ability to create custom reports delivered directly to their email, now Twitter gets a similar treatment. With Tweet Beep you will be able to create reports of mentions, trends, hashtags or topics that are appearing on Twitter and have them delivered to your mailbox in hourly or daily fashion.

This tool is great for tracking trends in your business area or your own brand. Making it as essential to set up as Google Alerts are.

Track Your Links & Then Some

If you are an avid blogger or you would like to track people who are linking to your posts then UberVU is the site for you. While Backtweets is still great for tracking links on Twitter, the advantages that UberVU has over it are plenty. It allows you to not only track Twitter traffic but traffic across many social networks with really helpful illustrative graphs that allow you to draw and analyze trends and interests. You can create alerts as well.

All the Link Backs you want

UberVU: All the Link Backs you want

Keep On Top of Twitter Trends

Regardless of what your interests on Twitter are, it helps to understand what interests people in general, and Twitter is a great place to eaves drop on what people are saying. The problem is that trying to get a good impression can be quite hard and confusing given how much information is out there and how quickly it changes.

What People Are Talking About?

Twitscoop: What People Are Talking About?

So if you just want to get a quick insight of what’s trending at the moment, or during the last month, there is a great tool called Twitscoop. Twitscoop has a great time line that indicates what is the most trending topic with a nifty cloud representation and graphs. Practically it’s a one stop shop to see what people are talking about and to do it all within the span of a couple of minutes, which is what makes it great.

These are just some of the many Twitter tools that are out there, and there are plenty to choose from. Some are really good and many are just mostly… useless. Personally, these are the four areas that require monitoring and checking on daily or bi-daily bases and those tools help reduce the amount of time spent doing so.

What do you use?

What tools do you use to stay on top of what’s being said on Twitter? Why do you use them? Share with us your experiences and thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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