10 Tips to Ensure That You’re NOT A Social Media Sucker!

Learn all you can from the mistakes of others.  You won’t have time to make them all yourself“.  ~Alfred Sheinwold


If only we, for once, actually took the time to understand the value of this quote, most of us wouldn’t have gone through most of the crap we had to deal with, whether on a personal level or business wise! But we are humans and we are stubborn!

My mother knew better than to try to teach me from her mistakes, however, I still have faith in you, my readers, and in the fact that you will trust me enough to learn from my own experience on social media venues as to not commit the same mistakes I did!

Top 10 Tips You Should Follow When Using Social Media!

Are you ready for this? Here we go..

1. Culturize!

Being culturally aware and sensitive is very important when using one or multiple social media platforms or venues. Cultural ignorance is highly destructive in your relationships with the communities you are trying to be a part of!

2. Emphasize!

When active inside a realm as impersonal as social media, it is very important for you to be able to emphasize any point you are trying to make in order not to be misunderstood. No one can hear the tone of your voice or see your body language so your words are your weapon and your executor!

Social Meida

Social Meida

3. Humanize!

In order to be successful and gain your audience’s attention, always make sure that you are as human as you could be! No one wants to add a bot or follow a spammer! Engage with your community on a more personal level, at least once in a while.

4. Qualitize!

If you think you are some kind of social media guru or simply just someone who is special just because you use social media, you are mistaken! You are just a user whom nobody will notice UNLESS you take time preparing and delivering quality ideas, content and information!

Quality Counts!

Quality Counts!

5. Prioritize!

It is a great quality to love your work and be dedicated to it, however, if your work relies on social media, you might become addicted, just as I did, and your priorities will go bananas! Always remember that friends and family are crucial and that life outside of social media has a different and spicier taste!

6. Improvise!

People enjoy and appreciate creativity in most of its forms and manifestations. Although sharing current news and ideas is mostly positive, social media users want what is new, fresh and intriguing! Therefore, mix up your social media use by sharing content you find and creating your own from scratch!

7. Empathize!

Solid social interaction is usually built on trust towards and appreciation of others. Since it is quite difficult to earn people’s trust via social media venues, the least you could do is empathize with them in times of need, despair or sadness. Trust me, no matter what you are going through, you will always find a listening ear in return!

8. Organize!

I you think: “I don’t need to be organized on social media venues; there are too many others out there with messages, no one will notice!“, you are very mistaken my dear! I have almost 22,500 followers on Twitter and I know that at least 50 of them are regulars to my tweets. I always think about not disappointing them by organizing my thoughts and my tweets in a non intrusive and fun way!

9. Privatize!

If you need any of your information to be private, all you need to do is just keep it inside of your head! Don’t trust Facebook’s privacy settings or even your personal blog! As long as your private everything is offline, no one will access it. Otherwise, you are in trouble baby!

10. Specialize!

It is great to diversify. What is even greater is to specialize! When using social media, there are thousands, no millions, of others like you out there who will talk the same talk and walk the same walk unless you have something special to add to the table which has the ability to make you stand out!

That’s all folks! :)

Looking forward to reading any additional tips you may have or any comments you have on the tips I represented! Enjoy!

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18 responses to “10 Tips to Ensure That You’re NOT A Social Media Sucker!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Great post and great list to stick to

  2. Richie says:

    Some great tips and reminders,

    ps. That's a great quote that I don't have on the site. Think I'll steal it ;)

  3. Roba says:

    LOL, that's funny. Let's hope people read this list! :)

  4. K9 Coach says:

    Yes. I think TMI applies in many cases to places like Facebook and then people wonder why they don't have a private life anymore.

    It can be used in a really fun way, it can get your good public information out there… just think before you click “publish”!

  5. Andy says:

    Re: #2 – People “emphasize” a point, not “empathize”.

  6. Guest says:

    You might want to tone down the ! marks, which makes this nearly impossible to read.

  7. sylvester says:

    Great – you managed to put two of my biggest bugaboos together…verb'izing' words and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! And, like most of these lists, it's pretty much useless advice.

  8. And forget everything else but Social Sphere…

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  12. I think TMI applies in many cases to places like Facebook and then people wonder why they don't have a private life anymore.

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