5 Ways to Utilize Twitter to Grumble — Effectively!

Each and every one of us, at least every now and then, and for one reason or another, feels the urge to complain, grumble and/or fuss about one thing or another. This is one part of human nature and for your average human beings, the “grass is almost always greener on the other side!”



Regardless of your reason to grumble, it seems to me that social media has established itself as the trendiest “fashion” of venting and complaining publicly! It is like a confession board available for all to see – a documented manifesto placed into social media users’ hands!

But the issue is waaaaaaay bigger and more complicated than this: companies, customers, suppliers and even restaurant owners are now complaining about problems in their businesses online as well and Twitter is just one great example of that!

In a recent post I read entitled: “If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Read Me on Twitter“, you will find how seriously some are taking social media grumbling:

Joe Dobias, tweeted that his deliveries from upstate purveyors had arrived, but not fish from a local supplier. He didn’t post the supplier’s name. Mr. Dobias is an extreme example of how chefs are now going online to confront customers, bloggers, critics, rivals and sometimes even their bosses.

Maybe he should get to work instead of spending his time Twittering,” said the local supplier, adding that the delivery had arrived early but that Mr. Dobias hadn’t been there to receive it.

Amazing right? I thought so as well! Therefore, and in efforts to help you grumble effectively, here’s a list of 5 ways to utilize Twitter to do so!

1. Group up!

Misery enjoys company thus, the more people you have one your side, sharing your opinion and supporting your cause, the higher the reach and effect of your message! Try to talk to those who seem both interested and willing to help fuel your cries, doubts and concerns, preferably privately through Twitter direct messages for example.

2. Tone Down!

The common belief is that the angrier you are and the more aggressive you can be, the faster your message would spread and be heard. I disagree! You can be subtle yet get your message through and actually get results just by being logical, factual and real about what you think and how you feel!

3. Expand Within!



Do not limit your cries to one social media venue. Twitter is great for sharing short meaningful messages but it is never enough to deliver the overall idea and explore your problem or dilemma from inside out. I suggest that after using Twitter for a fairly reasonable time to team up and get the buzz started, you add Facebook groups and/or causes into the mix!

4. Be Consistent!

Allow me to further explain using the example of the chefs: If all chefs agree that their main problem is their suppliers, they should tweet about that and only that, at least for a certain period of time. The more general the complaints, the less people would be interested to hear them!

5. Be Convinced!

Sales people who do not believe in the products or services they are trying to sell always fail! Unless you are truly dedicated to your grumbling reasons and 100% convinced that they are valid, you will lose your audience’s interest and therefore get no tangible results – a more frustrated you!

What do you think? Do you agree that complaining over social media venues, such as Twitter, can really be useful and effective? Have you ever tried it?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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4 responses to “5 Ways to Utilize Twitter to Grumble — Effectively!”

  1. Roba says:

    Oh, god, Beirut, let's pray that no one uses this guide!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    a guide to how to be a cry baby on twitter … -_-'

  3. galkinelli says:

    What we need, is a platform that could unite all the grumbles into a manageable, easy to access information that allows normal everyday people to impact each grumble's cause. Without a doubt, Twitter magnifies the noise. What's missing, is the next step. Such as: cause of grumble — the grumbler (s) grumble — the cause of grumble takes notice of the issue and DOES something about it — the grumbler takes notice of the impact he/she makes.

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