Armani Underwear 2010 Campaign: Ft. Megan Fox

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: Megan Fox for Armani 2010 Spring/Summer Campaign

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: Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Twitter

: USA residents, females of all ages

: Sex appeal

: Winter 2010

: Ongoing

Though there are some doubts, and even jokes, about her acting skills, Megan Fox sure is able to capture your attention, half nude, on a billboard or as you innocently surf the internet while showing off sexy, slick Armani underwear!

As I was trying to thoroughly cover all the channels, venues and websites which talked about or showed images of this campaign, it hit me: Is the sex appeal the only reason behind the success of this new Armani underwear campaign? Or is the brand “Armani” enough to actually call the attention of thousands of people out there, mostly VIPs and celebrities? I guess the answer is both… But allow me to try to elaborate more…

Campaign Idea & Goals:

Other than your average trick of using sex appeal to attract a vast number of audience, I think this campaign also combines freshness, elegance and sensuality in order to target females who want, aim or dream about looking like Megan Fox, in those same exact underwear sets we see her wearing throughout the ads!

The oldest trick in the book? Maybe… I think it is working miracles still!

Buzz Generated:

Through a very humble Google search, I was able to find around many Facebook page, notes and groups advertising this campaign, mostly constructed by Megan Fox fans and Armani lovers!

  1. Fash-Eccentric!: OHH LA LA. Megan Fox for Emporio Armani Underwear!
  2. Out With The In Crowd: Megan Fox for Armani
  3. Joe Michael: Megan Fox Clad in Armani Underwear Unveiled

In addition to that, several online websites, blogs and magazines, such as and, wrote various articles with different taglines, headlines and spicy details about this campaign!

On Digg, an article entitled: Megan Fox Strips Down for Armani (PICS) and with the following brief: “If you thought Megan Fox was sexy on screen, just wait until you see these pics of her in her underwear for Emporio Armani!! The sizzling siren replaces last year’s Emporio Armani face and body, Victoria Beckham…“, got 1437 diggs!

Moreover, just by performing a fast search on Twitter, using both Armani + Megan, you get to see many tweets about this campaign, up to this day!

Megan Fox Strips For Armani!

Megan Fox Strips For Armani!

Opinions & Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes old tricks do work, only if you know the right time to use them combined with the right product or service!
  • Sex appeal can bring you traffic but it does not guarantee higher sales!
  • Using celebrities in certain advertisements, such as Michael Jordan for basket ball sneakers, can be highly effective and has the power to attract a larger target audience (though it surely will cost you plenty!)
  • Pictures, videos and other sense stimulants have the ability to highly capture and captivate your audience’s attention.

What do you think of Armani’s new Megan Fox underwear campaign? What do you think of this strong, bold utilization of sex appeal? Do you approve? Let us hear your thoughts about it…

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  1. Roba says:

    LOL, this post is not safe for work! :P

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    what is it about megan fox and ads these days… least she got to keep her thumbs in that one

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