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Avatar The Uber Block Buster

Avatar The Uber Block Buster

Hollywood has certainly been one of the great adopters of internet and social media marketing. Some of the greatest internet marketing campaigns have been given to us by the movies, campaigns like that of The Dark Knight were truly game changing. Ever since early December, the movie world has been abuzz with one word “Avatar”, with an impressive nine award nominations in March 7th at the 82nd Academy awards ceremony, it was certainly one of the biggest movies of not only the decade but of all time.

A movie that was truly entertaining, bringing 3D cinematics to the mainstream and raising the bar for special effects. While Sam Worthington and the Na’vi own part of their success to Mr. James Cameron’s genius, a great social marketing campaign helped propel the buzz around “Avatar” to stratospheric heights on the internet; giving it the boost it needs to break a Titanic record.

What is it about?

While the Avatar campaign wasn’t as innovative in its approach to social media marketing, but it did learn its lessons well. The in-house team has created a solid marketing campaign that was present on all social media channels from Twitter, Facebook, to MySpace and Youtube. While having a great product can help, what really did help is that they have crafted their message and presence impeccably.

Comments Galore!

Comments Galore!

Their presence on Facebook was exactly how a campaign should be carried out. They updated their fanpage only with important posts, not spamming their audience and basically giving the fan’s the opportunity to lead. They provided them with the activities that allow them to create conversations and get Avatar brand exposure through updates on Facebook’s news feed. One of the most popular activities related to the movie was the Avatarize yourself website, which allows fans to upload their photo and get their own Na’vi Personality, a great viral ploy.

Avatarize yourself: How @amerkawar looks as an Avatar :)

Avatarize yourself: How @amerkawar looks as an Avatar :)

Their approach to Twitter was more about feeding the frenzy. By building up to the movie’s release, they uncovered movie information and details aloowing their followers retweeted them tirelessly. To help catch the people not covered by those two social mediums they have also created a Flickr, Youtube and MySpace presence.

With all that presence, the uniform message and the purpose to feed the buzz it might have been enough, but they still went with more than just that. They hit the home-run with the release of an innovative and interactive Trailer that allowed people to experience a new way to watch it. The trailer allowed the viewer to take the role of inquisitive information seekers rather than passive watchers. By downloading the trailer application that was built using Adobe Air, users were able to get character profiles, and follow through on information tidbits that the trailer provided.

To top it off they partnered with MTV and Facebook and held and impressive webcast that feature James Cameron and the stars of the movie answering the questions of fans and they also live-streamed the premiere on UStream

Buzz Generation

Besides the Buzz that leads up to the release of a Box Office Mega Hit, Avatar was the top trending topic on Twitter for the majority of December and January. For the period of those 2 months, it was generating an impressive 15,000+ blog posts per day.

Huge Blogging Strom

Huge Blogging Strom

Website Traffic: +850,000 Unique Visitors in December

Twitter Account: (@officialAVATAR): +26,000 Followers

Facebook Fanpage: (Official Avatar Movie): +1,445,000 fans

Youtube(HD Trailer): 2,636,020 views

MySpace: +790,000 friends

Why did it do what it did?

Avatar did a great job of creating a buzz. Besides the movie trailer, there was little innovation in the campaign but it was definitely a well crafted one. It helped draw in the fans thus utilizing various activities from applications that alter their photos to the chance to participate in a web-cast with the stars of the movie.

That focus on catering to the true fans and fostering them is what helped spread the word “Avatar” through the internet like wild fire on a dry summer’s day. This media campaign did everything to cater to its true fans and allow them to take ownership of the franchise.

What do you think of the Avatar campaign? Did you participate in it? Let us hear your thoughts.

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7 responses to “Avatar Movie — Learn Social Media by Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Amazing campaign due to the viral element embedded in each of its fold! I also loved the application – forces you to participate and have some fun with it! :)

    My rating:

    Success 5/5, Virality 5/5, Innovation 1/5, Feels like an ad Yes, Brand visibility 5/5

  2. Roba says:

    I don't like this campaign :/ or maybe it's just cause I didn't like Avatar.. I am looking forward to Alice in Wonderland though :)

  3. WOW! this is the first time I find someone who don't like Avatar the movie!

    I remember me and my wife was watching this movie with mouth open until the end!

  4. Denialnichol says:

    Movies are made with a point in mind. One of the interesting points it makes is the connection between souls, portrayed symbolically through their “connections”. It also speaks of hearing spirit voices. I am particularly happy that it demonstrates a form of resurrection, although the form of body is different. I am not enough familiar with Hindu teachings to know whether this is referred to as Parakaya Pravesham or not, as there is also a means to visit another soul in body. Resurrection is similar to a new life, although not through birth. ;)

  5. My rating: Success 5/5, Virality 5/5, Innovation 1/5, Feels like an ad Yes, Brand visibility 5/5. It failed where it matters most

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