Blippy: Could This Insanity Have a Purpose?

Well, privacy in the new social age is a very illusive ideal. Some people, like one Mark Zuckerberg, think that privacy is dead but even they try to reclaim their own private space! With Blippy privacy is not just dead, privacy has been dug up from its grave chopped up, processed and sold as piranha food.

So what is Blippy?


Blippy / What are your friends buying?

Blippy is a service very similar to Twitter in its look and it’s dubbed as a “social shopping” service. Basically, what it does is that it allows its users to automatically share their purchases from iTunes, Amazon,Visa, MasterCard and others and allows them to discuss those purchases and track them. Yes; that means your entire financial transactions are going to be shared with the whole wide web, if you opt to that. The site provides you with a “Blippy Credit Card” and all the transactions on this card will be shared while your private credit cards will remain… private. So with the launch of this service privacy is dead, but are the founders of Blippy crazy to think people will be willing to share that? Or are they at the bleeding edge of social media?

So who will use this?

Consumption in its nature is an exercise in vanity, people buy things for the status that those items bestow upon them and allows them to boast about how much “stuff” they have. Shopping is a very social activity in one sense of the way. To people that are more motivated by this aspect of consumerism, this site is a heaven sent: it simplifies what they already like to do. Therefore, in that sense, and with the level of consumerism in the world today no wonder that Blippy is leaving people aghast with its success so far.

What did you buy today?

What did you buy today?

This is the gold pot behind the rainbow for anyone working in marketing. By aggregating people’s purchases in real time, you will be able to track trending products and measure the effectiveness of campaigns in different locations allowing you to respond to peoples demands in real-time. The fact that the information is there for people to compare how much each person has spent on a product is a free market utopia and it’s the bane for people in the opaque pricing market like hotels for instance. Imagine knowing that someone got a great offer on a hotel room that you show up to the hotel’s reception, with the evidence from Blippy, demanding the same price. Could they possibly say no?

On the other hand…

Taking off our positive thinking hat and putting on our “everyone has a troll inside of them” hat, we quickly realize a few things. This is also a Phishers wet dream! Any post on Blippy will have the name of the person, what he bought, from where and when and how much it costs. That’s more ammunition for the phisher to lend credibility to his attack.

That is completely separate from the headaches users will get if their spouse, employers, church or even mother find out any item that doesn’t meet their approval in those transactions. You know that’s one drink too many at the bar? Or that Kama Sutra book that was bought last week might end up costing you a relationship or even your lively hood.

The jury is out on whether Blippy succeeds and becomes the next big thing or not, but it has made two things very clear: One is that nothing is sacred and the group of people that have no regard to their own privacy and are just absolute exhibitionists are becoming more of a majority in social media.

The other thing is that there is a bigger sector of marketers, sales people, and phishers that are just salivating at the thought of having more and more of those people around sharing everything from what they ate this morning to how much they spent on their latest vanity purchase. The whole prospect of those two groups coming together is a very very scary thought to anyone that still cherish their privacy and security but I wonder if those people are an endangered species?

What do you think ? Will You join Blippy? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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3 responses to “Blippy: Could This Insanity Have a Purpose?”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I will surely not join Blippy for 1 simple reason: I never buy online!

    I am glad you brought these privacy concerns up at this stage before people start going nuts and showing off their purchases left and right before getting seriously attacked by phishers!

  2. Roba says:

    Interesting! Online privacy is overrated though ;)

  3. Roba says:

    but you know what… even I wouldn't join it. I don't see how this does consumers any good. Marketing heaven for sure though.

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