Infograph: The State of the Internet Today

Today, the Internet world is more important than ever. Our lives are interwoven with it, both private either with a DSL, cable, or fiber internet provider and corporate business internet.

We plan our outings, keep in contact with friends, and communicate with each other on the Web. Our daily business dealings revolve around email, online resources, and collaborative software like Google Wave. We get our news online, watch our movies on YouTube, and keep-up-to-date with Twitter. More importantly, the Internet, and Social Media in particular, are proving to be very important to the way we advertise and market ourselves, our products, and our ideas.

Keeping up with ThoughtPick’s latest “Learn Social Media By Example“, we believe that to pull off great online campaigns, you need to be familiar with the audience. Not your audience in particular, but the larger Internet audience that might come across your campaign. It is essential to keep the Internet’s demographics in mind when creating any online content.

We will be using parts of our latest favorite infograph, created by Focus, to explore the different facets of online existence.

These illustrations use 100 circles to help visualize a crowd of a 100 people, and how they live in the online ecosystem.

The Basic Information: Gender, Age, and Income


Who uses the Internet

Gender distribution is equal, meaning that whether your idea is targeted towards males or females, it will probably reach the same amount of people.

The most common age-group is 18-29, but surprisingly, your online campaign will reach a good amount of people under 64.  Beware when targeting individuals above the age of 50—further research has to be done to make sure that you are using channels that Internet users over the age of 50 are likely to check.

Targeting people with an income level of more than 50 thousand dollars is also ideal on the net. College graduates are online more than those in highschool, and that should probably reflect on the language you use when communicating on the net.

Home-Use is Increasing


Home use

Internet usage is increasing at home from 2005, which means that people are probably looking for leisure online. Provide entertainment in your campaigns, tools, and products. Many users use both netbooks and laptops, so mobility is important.

Internet Penetration and Speed are Still Low

Internet penetration and broadband around the world

Internet penetration and broadband around the world

Internet penetration is still highest in developed countries, and aside from a few countries, average broadband speeds are generally beneath 5 mbps. Make sure your content is a little easy on the bandwidth.

Is the Blogosphere as Popular as They Say?



Studies prove that teenagers and people in their early twenties neither blog nor read blogs. Social Media networks like Facebook or entertainment channels like YouTube are probably your best bet if that’s your target audience.
Most bloggers are between the ages of 25-44. The words bloggers used to describe their style are also interesting, with 75% of bloggers describing their style as “sincere” and 54% as “expert”. That translates to the following:
1. If you are advertising on a blog, make sure your wording, imagery, and idea is as sincere-sounding as possible. Pretend to love the environment, the greater good, or whatever.
2. Brand yourself as an expert. Do not be afraid to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

Finally, the Next Phase of Mobility: Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

Internet mobility is constantly on the improve, opening new doors for mobile marketing, augmented reality applications, and mobile entertainment. With the iPhone pushing mobile apps to the next level, it’s time to start to seriously think of this sphere as the next big thing.

You can view the entire infograph on Focus’ site.

How important do you think is staying aware of the larger target audience online? Or do you think it’s constricting? Do you have any other important demographical information that you think online media marketers need to keep in mind?

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