Learn Social Media by Example: “Give Me My Chuck” Campaign

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: Give Me My Chuck Campaign

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: http://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2009/04/06/be-a-nerdjoin-the-herd-save-chuck/

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: Worldwide Bloggers, microbloggers, Facebook users, social networking users and show fans all hoping to "Save Chuck"

: Emotional appeal & subway sandwiches for US residents

: April, 2009

: A few weeks

Events, whether they are a local tweetup, a championship game or the world’s largest conference, can be notoriously difficult to plan, promote, and execute. But the end result can be amazing, and that is why we plan them in the first place“. Mashable’s Ben Parr

In one of my most retweeted posts, 10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock! Learn How to do the Same!, I listed the top most successful social media created through the different social media channels available online.

One of the most campaigns that I enjoyed was: The “Give Me My Chuck” Campaign. read below to find out why.

Campaign Idea & Goals:

Back in the days, you would never have a say in the cancellation of any programs or series you like and enjoy. But now, thanks to social media and in the era of blogs, social networks, and microblogging, fans of endangered shows can quickly organize and protest, and in some cases, “even guilt network execs into giving them at least a bit more of their favorite programs“.

Be a nerd.. Join the herd!

Be a nerd.. Join the herd!

The reason behind this unique campaign is NBC’s announcement of stopping the series Chuck, which has garnered lots of critical praise, has not seen that translate into ratings success.

The TV blog “Give Me My Remote” organized this “movement” to the people and by the people in order to save Chuck from being gone forever!

Buzz Generated:

Their was a good amount of buzz generated for this campaign, given that the prize was really modest as opposed to other campaigns out there!

Facebook: Use your Facebook status update to let others know that you love CHUCK. Remind the to
watch CHUCK Monday at 8pm. 3 Facebook groups: 22,667 + 732 + 393

Twitter: Fans of the show started using the hashtags #savechuck and #chuck on Twitter, customizing their profile backgrounds with images supporting the campaign. In addition to that, many fans started uploading Chuck images as their Twitter backgrounds! @teambartowski and @nbcchuck

A Twitter Snapshot

A Twitter Snapshot

Blog: The effort to save Chuck was kick started when the TV blog “Give Me My Remote” rebranded itself as “Give Me My Chuck.”

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

I really did enjoy this campaign; it makes me believe in the great power of the people and social media since the producers of Chuck decided to reinstate the series after all (I am actually watching Season 3 the last few days and they ROCK!).

As for the lessons that I think one should learn from this successful campaign, they are as follows:

  • Never underestimate the power of the public – including your consumers! If they unite against you, they have the power to bring down your business!
  • You should know when to submit to your audience’s demands and when to ignore them; it’s not always right to compromise in order to satisfy customers!
  • Emotional appeals may have so much more power than other appeals, especially when the campaign is cause-related and the cause itself is of interest to people all around!

How do you think this campaign could have been improved more? And have you heard of another campaign such as this one created to save a TV series?

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7 responses to “Learn Social Media by Example: “Give Me My Chuck” Campaign”

  1. Roba Al-Assi says:

    Interesting. I love how “nerd” is becoming cool :D

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    This campaign totally worked out because he's back for another season

  3. kathgmmr says:

    Thanks for mentioning the campaign. We are glad to have CHUCK back for another season. I'm glad to see that the various CHUCK blogs, fansites and fans have continued with their social media efforts. For many it's become part of the CHUCK culture.

  4. Amer Kawar says:

    @gmmrtv: We're very happy to hear from you at Thoughtpick. It was a very interesting campaign and the result was great. I'm a big fan of Chuck, especially with the new “powers” he's got now :)

    Would you mind DM'ing me your email at @amerkawar (on Twitter)?

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  6. […] Learn Social Media by Example: “Give Me My Chuck” Campaign […]

  7. […] media to pressure the NBC to continue to broadcast the third season of Chuck! [ See this campaign's Social Media by Example review on Thoughtpick ] Save Chuck […]

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