Learn Social Media by Example: “It Has to be Heinz — Dip & Squeeze” Campaign

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: February, 2009

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Dip & Squeeze with Ease!

Dip & Squeeze with Ease!

Heinz might be famous for its ’57 varieties’, but that was a portfolio for a long-lost age, when stores sold your brands, rather than competed via offerings of their own.

Therefore, and in efforts to innovate and freshen up, Heinz has launched its biggest umbrella brand marketing campaign to date, in a £5m push to build on its “emotional connection” with consumers.

The “It has to be Heinz” campaign has been designed to celebrate the way people perceive the food brand.

Giles Jepson, Heinz sauces and soup marketing director, says: “As we have seen through the recent downturn – Heinz varieties are resilient to downward shifts in consumer spending, and we anticipate that this major new campaign will not only drive growth of the Heinz products, but will also lift each of the categories involved.”

Moreover, while Heinz is reinforcing its brand equity by playing on heritage and familiarity, it is also underpinning its brands with innovation through creating a bottle that stands on its head in efforts of reducing the annoying delay before the sauce hits your plate. EZ Squirt Bottles, Spicy Flavors, a ‘trap cap’ that eliminates watery ooze and Mystery Colors for kids all aim to appeal to consumers, while providing vital differentiation from private-label competitors.

Heinz Ketchup will have a new Dip & Squeeze packet design after 40 years of the ubiquitous foil package. Holding 3 times more of the condiment, you can either dip into the cup-like packet, or squeeze the Ketchup onto your food. Here’s to 40 more years of very occasional ketchup innovation”! Richard Chemel

Outstanding Buzz & Remarkable Results!

The campaign has contributed towards Heinz’s strong sales performance and in the last twelve weeks alone, it has seen a growth of +16.2% across its ambient category.

Amazing Facebook Page! One of my favorites EVER! 18,000+ fans

Facebook Fans are LOVING IT!

Facebook Fans are LOVING IT!

480 Buzz ups on the Yahoo News article.

And on Twitter, people are going nuts over Hienz and their ads!

Heinz Ketchup on Twitter

Heinz Ketchup on Twitter

Apart from that, The Washington Post wrote about Heinz’s new packet design in addition to others such as Portfolio Week.

My Take & Your Lessons :)

To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”.

Introducing Dip & Squeeze

Introducing Dip & Squeeze

Frankly, I am IN LOVE with this campaign: It is so humble and real. It also makes brand users feel closer to Heinz products in general and attracts more consumers to switch to this brand in hopes of “belonging” and “feeling appreciated”.

As for the lessons I think we can learn from this campaign, they are as follows:

  • Sometimes a large financial budget is necessary to produce desired results, especially in terms of sales.
  • Even large companies that have been around for many, many years need to invest their resources to keep up with market, at least every now and then.
  • TV ads and radio shows could play a very important role in adding value to your social media campaign.
  • Using emotional appeals with food products could be highly effective and beneficial due to the ability of relating food with good times and unforgettable memories.

Finally, I wonder: Have you heard about this campaign or participated in it on some level or another? Do you like it? Do you think it is worth all this money?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback down below…

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5 responses to “Learn Social Media by Example: “It Has to be Heinz — Dip & Squeeze” Campaign”

  1. Roba says:

    Nice! I think it's very practical, but I can't help wonder how wasteful the package is, in terms of wasted plastic + ketchup.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I think this is brilliant not because of the dip prospect but because there will finally be more ketchup in them packs

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  5. It's really tasty.It makes it's place by it's amazing taste.I love it.

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