Learn Social Media by Example: Put Your Best Face Forward with Estee Lauder

Social Media Campaign Stat Box

: Estee Lauder (Beauty Industry)

: Products and services

: http://www.esteelauder.com/LetsPlayMakeover/Widget/, booths in department stores

: Facebook

: Women ages between 35-55

: Feel better about yourself by looking better

: October 2009 — Current

I will go ahead and dare you to find a Facebook group with as much loving as Estee Lauder‘s. Check it out, it is absolutely amazing.

Every wall-post has around three “I love Estee Lauder’s…”, and believe me when I say there are tons of wall posts. I have spent the past 10 minutes going over January, and all the messages are so loving it almost makes me cringe.

Estee Lauder must spend tons of money on getting their clients to love them so much.

What I love about their very subtle social media campaign is how it makes the effort to understand the needs of its audience. By offering luxury beauty product, there’s a fine line between selling an expensive product short and beautifully having women strut their best face forward with a nice nod to Estee Lauder. They address the desire to look good in one of the most important digital life-files online: Facebook.

Estee Lauder photo touch-up expert fixes the photos even further after the make-up is done

Estee Lauder photo touch-up expert fixes the photos even further after the make-up is done.

You can also do a do-it-yourself make over with the option to upload on Facebook on Estee Lauder’s website.

The Idea: Put Your Best Face Forward on Your Facebook Profile Picture

Estee Launder is taking on social media with a campaign called “Your Beauty. Your Style. Your Profile.” All a woman has to do is head to the nearest participating Estee Lauder counter for a free makeover (with samples too!) A photograph against an Estee Lauder logo backdrop is then taken of her and emailed to her personal email.

By doing this, not only does Estee Lauder sell more of their products, they also gain new, very happy clients. When one of these clients uploads their made-over photograph to their Facebook profile, every one of their Facebook friends will see it (and the lovely Estee Lauder backdrop), and will probably want a make-over too. Word-of-mouth at its best! Read Vivi Mag’s experience of this campaign here.

Here’s one of the results:

One of the ladies who got a make over, looking good!

One of the ladies who got a make over, looking good!

Buzz Generated: Happiest Customers Possible

Like I already mentioned, the happy buzz is unbelievable. Someone should go ahead and give Estee Lauder an award for making so many women so happy!

Feedback on Facebook

Feedback on Facebook

More feedback

More feedback

even more

Even more!

The beautiful thing about this campaign is that they managed to involve older women as well, and get them to interact in the group on Facebook.

Lessons Learned: The Trick is to Understand Your Audience

With a target age of 35 to 55, Estee Lauder customers are not in the typical age for a social media campaign. According to spokeswoman Tara Eisenberg, the promotion has a dual strategy: “Helping contemporize the brand for younger women while recognizing that somewhat older women have rapidly embraced social media, too.”

What we learned from this campaign:

1. Do mix social media online with some event taking place offline. This way, you’re getting two different audiences!

2. Do give your client added benefit if you expect them to love your campaign.

3. Do sit and brainstorm an idea that will actually make your clients feel good about themselves.

4. Don’t think “Ahhh, my target audience is too technically unsavvy” or “Mannn, I can’t do that! My products are expensive!”

5. Do be as subtle as Estee Lauder, rather than be so pushy about the fact that THIS IS A DAMN SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN. I bet none of the people who did this make over even knew what a social media campaign is.

: 5/5
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: 4/5

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  1. lala key says:

    Because of these, we could feel good. :D

  2. Beiruta says:

    That's a very creative idea! I can't believe I didn't come across it on Facebook! This is my rating: Success 5/5, Virality 1/5, Innovation 3/5, Feels like an ad Yes, Brand visibility 5/5

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