Social Media’s Hunt for Haiti Survivors!

Many disasters occur worldwide and yet, with our minds shut off from the world outside of us, we don’t even see them or even hear about them! Two earth quakes hit Haiti. The whole world was watching; not oblivious to what is going on this time.

Social media brings everyone together in support of Haiti and even further, in the hunt for survivors!

“I feel that disaster brings people closer… It always makes me wonder why they are fighting and hating each other otherwise!

Maybe it’s true how social media took out chunks from our time yet, a movement to aid such a this, makes up for it all! The communities we spend hours and hours building pay off here (not in the business leads we generate or the clicks and views to our blogs and sites).

Together we stand, united we fall…” Beirut

“Everything is online, why not charities? This just makes it so easy to give, and is ideal for event-based, time-sensitive giving, such as disaster relief efforts like this one”. HeadHunter

With all this emphasis on the role social media is playing, I can’t help but wonder: Is our need for social media growing by the day? Is social media really bringing us closer together in a healthy and more organized manner? What else will social media be needed for in the future?

Looking forward to your feedback…

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5 responses to “Social Media’s Hunt for Haiti Survivors!”

  1. Roba says:

    Good to see Social Media being put to productive use.

  2. When Pepsi goes to advertise on social media then it has real impact and a platform of communication. social media really brings world very close.

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  4. nike dunk says:

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  5. says:

    social media is the best…

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