Too Many Social Networks … Too Little Time

It is a tough time to be an internet socialite these days. There are just way too many networks to keep up with and just not enough time to follow all those conversations that are going on all of them. Therefore, it was inevitable that someone would step up and introduce a website that help to make the socialite life a lot easier and allow them to streamline their social media profiles into one place.

We will be looking at 2 such tools which do this in two completely different ways and they have been picking up steam this past year and will probably hit the main stream, with 2 different target audiences.

Gizapage: Social Media Hub

Vanity is definitely in these days. People can get their vanity Urls on Facebook and vanity phone numbers from Google, and now Gizapage steps into the vanity game.



Gizapage simplifies the way people can keep up with each other. It provides you with a one-stop shop for all your social networking profiles. All you have to do is go to the website, log in and add your different social networking profiles, from your Facebooks to your Youtubes and LinkedIns and then save your page and you will be provided with a Url.

Now there are other websites that do similar thing to what Gizapages does, FriendFeed comes to mind, but instead of having a mush of RSS feeds in one place, it maintains the structure of your profiles. So it’s actually your blog and it’s actually your Facebook so it feels all very familiar, which is great in this case. Gizapages also offers traffic information, a Gizcard (an HTML snippet that has your own brand and all your social networks on it), and for $4.99 a month you can have your own subdomain on your site that will link to your Gizapage profile and will allow you to change the background and branding of the page as you see fit. Gizapage is all about your brand in social networks and it does a great job with it. all your friends in just one place

This is definitely a power tool. tries to do for social media what Meebo has done to IM’s; basically blurring the boundaries that separate one network from the other and allowing to use them all from one interface and exchange information and images from any of them and to all of them. allows you to send a message to a friend on Facebook and also cc’ing it to another on Hi5, or copying a picture from Twitter into MySpace. It provides the ultimate interoperability: allows you to control and update all your profiles from one place,¬†while at the same time cutting down on replicating your steps across all your networks.

It doesn’t stop there, it also integrates an MSN Messenger with plans on adding support for Yahoo, AOL and more to come in the future.

So why would I want in?

While those tools might sound superfluous for many users, they certainly serve a great niche market of power users that will appreciate thier services. Companies and corporations will be thoroughly interested in having a console HQ for all their social media needs, I would imagine. This will really make it a lot simpler for them to follow activity on all. The other thing is that it helps anyone who cares about his brand to create an authorized and official channel in which he describes what his official profiles are on social networks by liking in to a one-stop-shop for all their social media networking rep work.

What are you thoughts? Do you think you will use such tools? Do you find them useful? Share your thoughts with us and let us know what you think.

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4 responses to “Too Many Social Networks … Too Little Time”

  1. Beiruta says:

    You can call me old-fashioned but I rather have multiple accounts and log in to each one of them separately :) I think it's more secure and private!

  2. Roba says:

    They're just trying to ride the bandwagon :)

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    Interesting review. I wouldn't use either, but maybe for the addicts with 20 profiles it'll be appealing. I agree with the concept, and I think I like Gizapage more – as it's just simple. But I think the rest of the world and Alexa's ranking (8k) agrees with :)

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