Top 10 Traits & Habits of Mixx Users!

The term “psychology” shows more than 73,000,000 results on Google. It is a broad term encompassing various ideas, approaches and definitions.

By psychoanalytik

By psychoanalytik

I have always desired to major in psychology, however, people always advised me otherwise because unless you continue your PHD in psychology, people don’t really take you seriously; especially those seeking to be drugged out of their depression and misery!

Though I ended up majoring in Marketing and Business Administration, I still have a soft spot for psychology which I like to use here at Thoughtpick at several occasions for Twitter use and Facebook’s popularity, combined with my marketing and social media knowledge and experience.

In the Mixx…

Since I began using Mixx, the behavior of Mixx users has always been very intriguing to me and their use of Mixx has been a topic that I wanted to analyze and write about. However, I decided to wait till I knew more and thus understood more. I guess the time is now!

Through many encounters, conversations, shares and comments, I began to finally find my way around the psychology of Mixxers. Here is what I came up with:

1. Mixxers are as proud as Redditers…

And even more! Every single Mixxer is both proud and happy to be using Mixx. Each user takes pride in delivering valuable, fresh and unique information to fellow Mixxers. Each user is excited about each submission he or she adds and shares.

2. Mixxers are racist against Digg!

It seems to me that many Mixxers were once Digg users who were banned from Digg or just simply decided to leave Digg after it became filled with useless and repetitive news! Therefore, Mixxers seem to have developed a deeply rooted hate against Digg and its users! You don’t believe me? Try submitting an article praising Digg on Mixx and see how almost no one would vote it up!

Mixxers HATE Digg!

Mixxers HATE Digg!

3. Mixxers are highly educated…

Unlike any other social bookmarking venues, I can confidently say that the majority of Mixxers are very smart and highly educated. I run around in Mixx twice or more a day and most of the articles I come across are educational and informative as well.

4. Mixxers are well rounded…

Not only are Mixxers smart and highly educated, they are also well rounded and involved! Whether you are looking for jokes, images, tips about life, photography tricks and so on, Mixxers surely would have picked out more than one topic a day that is able to ignite your senses!

Example of Posts I have Recently Voted For on Mixx

Example of Posts I have Recently Voted For on Mixx

5. Mixxers value their fingers!

So unless your post is very appealing, interesting, controversial or cause-related, don’t expect them to spend a part of their energy to comment on your submission. Consequently, enjoy the vote ups and don’t be sad that your post has 2 comments after 2 months submission!

6. Mixxers play by the rules…

Unlike many other bigger communities that may resort to cheating the system or unlawfully promoting posts, pictures or videos, Mixxers feel that they are a part of Mixx’s family, helping you avoid being banned and teaching you how to act rightfully in their “home”.

7. Mixxers are very, very loyal to Mixx!

It’s true, though sometimes it’s a bit over the top and for the wrong reason! I have noticed, on many occasions, that Mixxers can somehow be so blinded by Mixx that they might refuse testing a new social bookmarking application or social media venue just so they won’t feel like they are “cheating” on Mixx!

Mixx Loyalty Demonstrated by Fellow Mixxer!

Mixx Loyalty Demonstrated by Fellow Mixxer!

8. Mixxers are usually consistent…

Though this may not apply at certain occasions, Mixxers tend to be mostly consistent with the type, quality and frequency of submitted content. If you take FatLester, one of the top Mixx users, you would find that he usually presents controversial topics which usually drive you to comment, argue or at least ignite your thinking process!

9. Mixxers are highly motivated…

I believe that Mixx users are the most motivated community present within the social media realm! Other than having different opportunities to shine through the wide arrange of trophies Mixx rewards its users with, they also have a close caring audience which actually care about what is being posted rather than just circulating it blindly!

10. Mixxers DO NOT tolerate spam!

Regardless of its form or nature, Mixx users are the most sensitive clan when it comes to crappy content, spam submissions and other unlawful postings which might, in any way, harm Mixx’s image or reflect a lower quality of service.

That’s what I think in a nut shell, or maybe an oyster shell to be more precise :P

What do you think? Do you agree with me on those traits? Do you have more traits to add? And do you think Mixx will stay around for long?

Looking forward to your feedback down below!

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4 responses to “Top 10 Traits & Habits of Mixx Users!”

  1. TheDudeDean says:

    I don't hate Digg users, not even my detractors over on Digg, Digg support on the other hand….

  2. Loup Dargent says:

    Great article! :-)

    There was a time when I used to comment on many submissions, but my online time having been now drastically reduced I, unfortunately, don't comment much anymore… You're right though to advise users not to be sad if there are only 2 comments on their submissions, it's nothing personal. Also, there might be a submission that takes all our time because of issues close to our heart and we haven't time to leave comments somewhere else.

    I don't hate Diggers either… I'm not impressed with Digg Admin/Support though and, the site never provided me with the many opportunities to shine and prove myself as a Social Media user that I got on Mixx.

    Looks like Mixx is here to stay. TweetMixx is another example of why I think that… I'm sure the team behind will always find exciting ways to keep Mixx on the map.

  3. Beiruta says:

    Apparently I just got the wrong idea since many Mixxers used to vote down any Digg praising article :) I also had noticed how most of the comments about Digg are generally negative!

  4. Beiruta says:

    First of all, allow me to thank you for the clarification and the feedback. I highly appreciate that.

    As for what you stated: “I don't hate Diggers either… I'm not impressed with Digg Admin/Support though and, the site never provided me with the many opportunities to shine and prove myself as a Social Media user that I got on Mixx.” — I have to agree with you 100%! I have 36 top ten posts on Mixx yet only one top post on Digg! I feel that Mixx is more fair and everyone has a chance to shine if they do their homework! :)

    Looking forward to your visits here often as well as your Mixx submissions :)

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