10 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Staff

Managing new ventures usually takes on a different style from the “norm” and is often neglected. Often, certain aspects of employee motivation and control are not well planned thus leading to unsatisfied employees and an overall tensed working environment.

This phenomenon could be highly visible in your average office and even more noticeable in social media based companies, especially those with nothing but a virtual existence, where face-to-face communication with staff is rare and short-lived.

Managing Employees by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Managing Employees by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Therefore, from previous personal negative experiences in this regard, I would like to invite managers and employees working in social media to review my ideas of the top 10 ways to managing social media staff effectively.

1. Always keep a room for face-to-face communication:

It is always essential, even more so crucial, to keep room for face-to-face communication when working with social media whenever possible. By that, I don’t just mean regular meetings, I also mean Skype video conversations for those who are incapable of conducting offline meetings due to geographical locations or otherwise.

2. Remember not to neglect personal and cultural differences:

Your staff will, more than often, be diversified; having different backgrounds, aspirations, perceptions and so on. Keep that in mind when you contact them for a certain task or requirement you need them to fulfill, considering that e-mails are highly mistaken for having an aggressive tone and other factors as such.

Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences

3. Doubt your staff yet trust them!

I know this probably sounds weird to you so allow me to explain… To trust anyone is usually hard as is and to trust an employee must be even harder to achieve. However, if you expect your employees to be productive, you need to place and demonstrate a certain level of trust in their work and abilities.

4. Control your staff but don’t choke them!

Controlling what your employees say and do online is a tedious task. I totally agree. Nonetheless, in order to allow creativity to flow through the work your employees hand in, you need to give them space; “loosen the leash” a bit!

5. Converse with staff about new tasks:

If you’re aiming to keep your staff motivated, whenever possible, converse with them about any new task you are planning to set them on. Almost everyone is resistant to change in one way or another. You should keep that in mind when constructing different tasks for them to carry out.

6. Listen to your staff’s complaints and worries:

Just like the case is in any office or working environment, your social media staff also have complaints, worries and concerns, which may be obstacles to them performing at full potential. Make time to listen and try to help, if at all possible.

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

7. Encourage your staff to share their own ideas and suggestions:

You hired your staff because you know they have an added value to offer to your business venture. Therefore, and within effective brainstorming sessions, encourage them to share this added-value with you and help them feel more responsible by having them “own” the work they are doing. Give them credit.

8. Promote marriage between the old and new:

Whenever you are opting to have your staff adapt to a new idea or system of yours, try to always merge the old way with the new one. You need your staff to be comfortable with the changes in order to embrace them. They need to hear you rationalization behind a switch from Twitter to Hootsuite for example!

9. Acknowledge extra effort and hours spent on social media sites:

If not borderline addiction, any extra hours spent, by your staff promoting your company, should be acknowledged. Monetary rewards are rarely what your staff would be looking for. It’s the intangible appraisals they will be looking forward to – an online course for example.

10. Believe it: Sometimes, your staff does know better!

Complacency is a world wide disease, especially when it comes to management. More than often, managers will think they “know it all”. And here’s is where they go wrong! Your staff sometimes knows better as a result of previous working experience, interests or maybe even amount of research spent. Embrace and grow their knowledge.

And remember:

When it comes to a company’s reputation, what’s said on social media sites can be much more damaging. Take the Domino’s debacle last April.

Finally, do you have any more advice you think you have for managers and employees roaming the social media arena? And do you agree with the points I have stressed throughout the post?

Looking forward to reading your feedback down below :)

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5 responses to “10 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Staff”

  1. Roba says:

    You're such a pro, Beirut :) Enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

  2. It good way to support the staff members. I think we all should follow this, in company.

  3. Michele says:

    This is ridiculously bush league. and who the heck refers to their team as “staff”? Ugh. Fail.

  4. Beiruta says:

    Managers do :) If you notice, I place a lot of trust and important on the “team” – the staff :) Thanks for your opinion though :) All the best :)

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