Be Ware! Top 8 Social Media Scams So Far [videos]

Every time I turn around there’s a new scam.” Maryanne Bessette

Scams, scams, scams… All around, everywhere… Now and before, here and there!

And for the past few years, scams are spreading even more and taking on a new face for everyone using social media to be seduced and deceived by!

Can you believe that there are websites, such as, dedicated to unavailing scam online?

Therefore, and in efforts to keep you safe, at least from social media inflicted scams, here’s a mixed list of top 8 scams you should know about and probably take to mind when using Facebook, Twitter and social media in general:

1. Free Facebook iPad Offer is a scam, Sophos reveals

iPad FaceBook scam automatically signs you up for a $10 a week premium cell phone service post from: FSMdotCOM.

2. Beware Facebook MySpace cell scam:

Introducing you to a different type of scam; the moral/ethical scam – “find out who your secret crush might be” is only one example!

3. Modeling scams on Facebook

Scamming young girls with dreams of modeling stardom into paying money upfront for becoming “super models”! Hayley Mills is only one of many! Look out girls: don’t add your phone number on Facebook or deception will find you!

4. Facebook Hackers Phishing and Taking Over Facebook Accounts

CNN picked up this story and we are spreading for your safety! Facebook has become the popular way to reach out and find your friends. However, sometimes scammers will find you and pose as you… You can imagine what could happen then!

5. Consumer Smart: Twitter Scams and Vanity Awards

Make extra cash from Twitter, apply now!” Are these for real? Watch this t find out! And remember: there should never be a need for you to pay upfront!

6. Haiti Donation Scams, How Cybercriminals Take Advantage of the Haiti Disaster

Even causes are prone to scams! It’s sad but true! Be careful where your donations are going and how they are being used!

7. Farmville Facebook Application Linked to Scam

Ever heard of “lead generation offers”? TechCrunch did and uncovered the cell phone scams which are being facilitated through games such as Farmville and the cash they seduce you to buy! In this video, Zynga co-founder submits to scamming users! Really?!

8. Google cash scam

Yes, even Google does it and it’s called: Free Google Home Business Kit!

So, to wrap up, I am enticed to ask you the following questions: Have you ever been scammed? If yes, how? And are you protecting yourself from fraud as you should? Any further advice for our readers out there?

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  2. kathcom says:

    This is an excellent article. Thank you for the information. I was “phished” by the “haha this you?” scam on Twitter. I had my computer set up to remember my login info and it loaded it on the fake login page. I clicked like an idiot. Luckily, I realized it quickly when I tweeted the person who sent it that I couldn't access the file and she wrote back and told me she hadn't sent it. I immediately changed my email login, password and then did that on a couple other sites where I'd lazily used the same login password. I don't think this was a particularly harmful scam, but any time that someone grabs your personal information is scary.

    With social networking, Google and blogs, privacy is, in some ways, impossible. You can find just about anyone. You can even pay for background checks and find out about his or her bankruptcies, convictions and mortgages. It's a stalker's paradise.

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  4. Guest says:

    A new change to the popular social networking site's privacy policy may be .Facebook has so far denied any responsibility for this post-transaction marketing. Jan 29, 2009 Beware of scams promising to stop your foreclosure .

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  6. warehouse computers says:

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  7. Beiruta says:

    Thank you so much for the feedback :) Stay tuned for more informative and fun social media related posts :)

  8. Punctuation for the win!

  9. Amer Kawar says:

    LOL. I just noticed the number of “!” and “?” in the article :P

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