DoSomething’s Campaign for Cancer Prevention — Learn Social Media by Example

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: DoSomething's Campaign for Cancer Prevention

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: May, 2007

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According to DoSomething.Org:

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Canceris the second leading cause of death in the world, killing 58 million people each year. The leading cancer in women is breast cancer, with 1.2 million diagnosed globally and killing 500,000 each year. Overall, 1 in 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer – affecting almost everyone via a parent, sibling, child, other relative, or a friend. Moreover, cancer strongly disproportionately affects the poor, who have no access to modern medical care”.

Idea & Objectives:

Since cancer weighs heavily on the lives of those who suffer from it, this campaign has been developed in efforts to fund advanced health education and cancer research for cancer prevention (since the pace of cancer research is depressingly low, partly due to sparse government funding).

Therefore, this campaign adopts an “innovative multilateral approach” to cancer research and public health cancer prevention.

Cancer Prevention Campaign Fund Raising
Cancer Prevention Campaign Fund Raising

Buzz Generated:

The way I see it, health related issues and topics such as cancer should be handled with care, sincerity and sensitivity. I guess realized that while gearing up for this campaign a few years ago.

As I noticed, other than the updates concerning this project on their site, don’t really have much exposure and buzz on any social media channel other than their Facebook page and causes application:

Currently, there are more than 87,000 fans on their Campaign for Cancer Prevention page and around 4,500,000 members on their causes application who have raised $186,472 so far!

Campaign Fans on Facebook

Campaign Fans on Facebook

Facebook Causes Application

Facebook Causes Application

Furthermore, the team of are highly active on the Facebook page and they further offer share petitions and ask for opinions concerning cancer related issues and research to keep the fans updated, involved and engaged.

Campaign Reactions

Campaign Reactions

As for Alexa’s ranking for’s site in general:

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank

Opinion & Lessons Learned:

Cancer has always been the one thing I feared since my early childhood. I remember that back in the days, curing cancer was almost impossible, especially in certain cases. Therefore, I cannot but bow in respect for a campaign dedicated solely to raising money towards increasing the awareness about cancer and its prevention.

So, with that said, what can we learn from this campaign?

  1. Sometimes, only one effective social media channel will do the trick of getting your message across.
  2. If the main reason behind a campaign is raising money, make sure you don’t confuse your target audience!
  3. Always try to be sensitive when handling issues such as cancer in order not to offend anyone.
  4. Engaging your target audience is a great way to keep them involved in the campaign you are aiming to promote.
  5. A creative message and approach has the power to turn heads and get you traffic!

Finally, I would like to ask you the following questions: Did you come across this campaign before now? Would you participate in it? What would be your overall rating of the way the campaign was handled?

: 4/5
: 4/5
: 3/5
: No
: 4/5

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4 responses to “DoSomething’s Campaign for Cancer Prevention — Learn Social Media by Example”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    This kind of cause-related campaigns are just the best usage possible of social media. Enjoyed reading the post.

    I'm wondering what other cause-related campaigns are succeeding out there? Next post? :)

    Great work!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    I'm slightly disappointed given that the campaign has been going close to 3 years now and they have little in terms of achievements from what i can see. Which them the best its an important cause

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