Facebook Kicks Google’s Ass

Well, not literally, but “numberly“.

For the first time ever, Facebook, the place to go stalk friends, foes, and ex-boyfriends squeaked past Google, the place to find information and porn, to become the most popular online destination (that’s a whopping 7% of US Internet usage).


Exponential growth of Facebook has left Google behind

Exponential growth of Facebook has left Google behind

Information Scavenging Versus Social Information Curation

It could be that the world has become so trite that images of drunk friends has become more time-worthy than googling for relevant information.

But I doubt it.

I think it’s the social Web revolution; people now want to surf the Web via recommendations than by aimless scavenging.

Let me explain:

I recently tied my Twitter account to my Facebook account, sending all the bit.ly link goodness automatically to my status updates.

Initially, I expected my less Internet savvy Facebook friends to be annoyed by the link bombarding. To my surprise, the reaction was exactly the opposite. My Facebook friends appear to enjoy my tweets (now in the form of status updates) more than my Twitter followers. They comment on them, they share them, and they “like” them.

It makes sense when you think of it in a passive versus active Internet user. Active Twitter users are of a much more geeky character. They probably enjoy the actual process of spending the first few hours of their day scouring the net for the most interesting information, and they enjoy sharing it more than consuming it. I know I do.

Facebook users, on the other hand, are a much wider spectrum of society. They include both information scavengers and information consumers. The consumers are probably depending on their friends to find interesting content online, including news, links, and videos.

That’s my own logic for figuring out why Facebook has surpassed Google though.

What do you think of Facebook surpassing Google in terms of visitors?

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5 responses to “Facebook Kicks Google’s Ass”

  1. almondjoycie says:

    i like your links. they are always click-worthy. and it keeps good posts from slipping through the cracks.

  2. Beiruta says:

    I think Google and Facebook are messing up due to privacy invasion concerns. However, Facebook is a “social” tool and so far it does not seem to be affected. I believe both will start losing marketing share sooner or later unless they can salvage their tarnishing image asap!

  3. bambambi says:

    Hmm its scary since Google at least indicated that people are accessing information…. what the hell are they exactly doing on FB?

  4. hjkhanrony says:

    101010 is my new lifestyle

  5. El Guapo says:

    a lot of the visitor traffic could be due to google’s infinite crawlers on the crawl. Heh.

    Think of google like Skynet. Think of facebook like Kyle Reese. Now, realize that the future hasn’t happened yet and I don’t know how to pull a cool robot that i am going to build out of the future to give me some feedback on the alloys that look the shiniest.

    Google owns Skynet. And Youtube.

    Go win a Darwin award.

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