Geeks Make Better Lovers: 8-Bit Wedding Invite

Aside from the fact that there are many endearing habits of a geeky spouse, which you can read about on Wired’s Geek Dad, my favorite thing about geekdom is that geeks are very passionate about being geeks.

We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?” answered Darina when asked her about how they came up with their invitation card idea.

She forgot to add that geeks also understand the value of going viral, even if it’s concerning nothing more than a wedding invitation.

What’s in a Card?

Bits and bytes. Oh, and a fun game too. The bride and groom custom-made an 8-bit Mario/Donkey Kong-themed video game which must be won to obtain the necessary wedding info. The two characters you can play with: Darina or Niko, who also happen to be bride and groom.

But it’s also printed pixels

The invites came in jewel cases with informational booklets. The disc inside consisted of the game, a soundtrack and even outtakes. As Darina says, it took her two hours to get the “I’m Sorry Niko” line straight.

Jewel cases for the invites!

Jewel cases for the invites!

For those of you who are interested, you can download and play the game here. Although the file is .EXE, it works with Windows, or, using Wine, with Linux and Mac (we love people who bother multi-platform compatibility!)

While on the topic of geeky love, check out these awesome geeky cupcakes on The Huffington Post.

Is it a heart? Is it grass?

Is it a heart? Is it grass?

Comments and Reactions

  • Beiruta

    Online romance and social media based affection demonstrations have never appealed to me. However, I must confess, this is adorable!

  • M.Bamieh

    Love the cup cakes !

  • shilza

    Wedding invitation are expensive, so you certainly do not want to order too many. On the other hand, you do not want to run out and have to re-order, which will end up costing you more money in setup fees and shipping.

  • Wedding Photographer

    THis is really so creative I bet the couples are so in love with the mario game LOL!! The Cd cover are so cute as well as the cupcakes hope we can see photos of their wedding day

  • dj

    Perhaps there is a hobby that both of you love to do. You can use this ‘theme’ in your wedding invitations as well. If you both love to fish, you could use fishing line and lures for your invitations, or a hobby of wood-working could provide you with a way to expand your hobby into creating some special invitations.

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