Google: The Infograph — Interesting Facts & Figures

A pixel is worth a thousand bytes and we at the Thoughtpick blog have a soft spot for infographs. We are always on the lookout forĀ  great infographs and are eager to share them with our readers.


Google Facts and Figures Infograph

So Pingdom went through the effort of going through the stockpiles of data about Google and created this awesome illustration of what exactly is Google.

It is absolutely amusing that Google supports search in the fictional languages of Klingon and Bork! But something that is really overlooked by many internet users is just the sheer importance that Google has in our lives nowadays. A market share of 85.78% is a monopoly by any standard, and it technically has absolute control over how we discover the web. This is one of the things that are starting to emerge lately, and it seems that Google seems to be dabbling with the dark side lately.


Google Facts and Figures Infograph: Money

It came as a surprise to me how profits for Google is almost equally split between the US and the rest of the world, this positions the company as a truly global company something not too many internet companies can claim. Now beside the point that Google is not just any internet company but the fact that it has a global outreach and is a dominant Goliath of the internet positions it well to influence the public opinion and shape it. Something that we saw a glimpse of in its confrontation with China.


Google Facts and Figures Infograph: People

Hope you enjoyed this infograph and learned a thing or two about Google from it. Are we putting all our eggs in one basket? what are your thoughts?

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8 responses to “Google: The Infograph — Interesting Facts & Figures”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I think we ARE putting our eggs in one basket! I mean with all the issues that Google is facing now, only time will tell where Google is headed!

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