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: Harry Potter (Entertainment)

: Products and services

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: Harry Potter fans and young adults

: Entertainment

: 2009

What’s the best way to get buzz going around a movie prior to its launch? Of course, the ways are numerous! It could be a really large campaign, across a multiverse of billboards and digital banners. It could involve fancy dinners, several elaborate websites, or freebies showered across different possible fans.

Yet regardless of how much cash is dished, campaigns often die after the movie has come and gone, which is why I find this Harry Potter Tweet campaign interesting. As this campaign is actually a tool that people can utilize rather than a simple announcement, people are still using it and talking about it, many months after the movie it was aimed to market was launched.

The Idea: A Digital Touch of Harry Potter Magic

The idea is refreshingly simple, which is good these days. It only uses one channel: Twitter.

With this campaign, you can select from a range of spells and then cast a spell on your chosen Twitter followers. The three spell-casting options include shrouding the follower’s Twitter page in darkness, sending a flock of birds that fly across the screen and declaring affection for a follower by sending a love potion.

Harry Potter Tweet is better tried that explained, but here are a few screenshots:

Harry Potter Tweet Home

Harry Potter Tweet potion selector

The little magical bird, cute yeah?

The little magical bird, cute yeah?

Nice motion happening

Nice motion happening

Buzz Generated: People Are Still Using It

While conceptually, the idea is not really that brilliant (what happens with a person using TweetDeck?), it has proven to be successful as people are still casting spells on their friends’ Twitter accounts today.

People are still using it...

People are still using it...

What We Learned From This Campaign

As I already mentioned, my favorite thing about this campaign is that it proves that sometimes the best way to handle a social media campaign is with good old traditional values. Yeah, sure, we, the Internet people, do sometimes love a brilliantly cool concept (like Skittles’ use of social media), or a freaky gift (like the chocolate grasshoppers), but sometimes, the best way to give value is by giving a tool that people want to use. Not just today, or next month, but for as long as that tool can be hosted.

Otherwise, here is my conclusion:

  1. Longevity of a campaign can be assured by providing a useful tool that is not tied to a specific time period.
  2. People love doing tricks with their social media profiles.
  3. This campaign is very well-branded, and the usage of Harry Potter terminology, visuals, and ideas makes it even more successful.
  4. It is hard to resist casting a spell when the visuals are so beautifully designed. Good design pays. I know I’ve said this before, but it really does!
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: 5/5

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