How a BBQ Business Becomes Viral — Learn SM by Example

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A mobile food truck by any other name is still a mobile food truck, whether it serves sesame-dipped tacos or sherbets.

Kogi BBQ, the mobile food truck in question is not a modern business, per say. After all, all they did — product-wise — was replace the ice-maker with a grill. Their real innovation, which goes beyond being a campaign and turns into downright business brilliance, is using Twitter to give their mobile food truck business, some, um, @oomph.

Idea and Objective:

The Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck travels all over LA to sell tacos. Traffic, police, and other issues sometimes prevented it from being in the exact spot each time.

The solution? A Twitter account! The people working on each mobile food truck keep their Twitter account updated with their whereabouts, special deals and also tell people if they are going to get delayed by traffic. They even tell people what the weather is like — dress warm tonight, honey.

The vehicle has emerged as a social-network hippie-movement in LA, gathering crowds of 300 to 800 people each time it parks (often several times in an evening) affectionately referred to as “Kogi kulture.”

Here is their current Twitter stream:

The Kogi BBQ Twitter Stream

Buzz Generated:

It’s damn nuts!

Of course, people love it.

Tweeps feel like they have “insider info”, a sort of VIP treatment for being on Twitter. They know when this cool mobile van will come before it actually comes. Apparently, it’s delicious as well. As of March 17, they have 58,314 followers.


Holy shit, that's a lot of followers!

Here is some of the chatter on Twitter:

Romance and cheering


Support and love


Full fledged articles

Some of the feedback

Midnight cravings

Lessons Learned:

This is an easy lesson. The easy lessons are always the ones with near perfect scores, aren’t they? Why are Kogi brilliant? Oh, allow me to count the ways:

  1. People want to feel cool. Kogi added the coolness factor to a whole crowd of Twitter people.
  2. People want value, and Kogi’s model’s value was convenience — making it easy and simple for people to know when the van is going to be there, and whether the weather is hot or cold.
  3. People enjoy socializing with others in their niche. Waiting for a taco outside a Kogi van gave people the opportunity to have impromptu Twitter meet-ups.

Aren’t you dying to try Kogi too? I know I am!

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5 responses to “How a BBQ Business Becomes Viral — Learn SM by Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    To answer your question: I want Kogiiiiiiiii!

    I just love the idea and its creativity!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    this is beyond just marketing, it is an entirely new business model

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