HOW TO: Create a Kick-ass Facebook Fan Page

One of the main tools that a business should equip its self with in its social media marketing assault is a Facebook Fanpage. No need to get into the “Why” now (but if you insist — those 350 million users should be the only reason that you need) but we are going to be concerning our self with the “How” today.

We will go over where to go to create a Fanpage, some of the applications that you can (have) to install on your page, and how to link with them to produce a great Fanpage that will surely attract Facebookers to it and earn your brand some great exposure.

Getting Started

It can be a bit tricky to find the place to create a new Fanpage on Facebook, since it’s not really pronounced. Therefore, to start off, you will need to go to advertising on the bottom of your Facebook page, then select Pages (second option at the top) and click create a page. After signing up and registering, you will be the proud owner of an over-glorified Facebook profile page and that’s what Facebook calls a Fanpage. Go ahead add your logo, pictures, and information and let’s get started.

The Victoria's Secret PINK

The Victoria's Secret PINK

Adding Gears To The Machine

We are going to go through how to make your Fanpage less of an over-glorified profile and more of a portal and a spokesperson for your brand or product. To do so, we first need some applications, and these are just the most useful ones in my opinion, they fall into a few categories as follows;

(Note: To add applications to your Fanpage be sure to select “Add to My Page” instead of the default “Go to Application” Button)

1. Publishing:

It is really important to interconnect your social media presence and integrate publish across all platforms:

  • RSS Graffiti : This application will periodically check your blog’s RSS/Atom feed and update your Facebook page with your posts. If you don’t have a blog, I suggest that you go and create one right now. You can configure it to post thumbnails, excerpts and even add prefixes to your posts.
  • Notes : While some people use it to import their blogs’ RSS feeds, and though it doesn’t have the customization that is available in other RSS Feed applications, it truly shines in its announcing and sharing capabilities. By using it for special announcements, you will keep yourself visible in their feed and give you a chance to go viral if they share your content with their friends.
  • My Account (is @ Twitter) : This app will not only display your Twitter feed on your Fanpage, it will also allow you to create lists, track statistics, and provide you with the ability to add other users that use this application to your Twitter account.

2. Notifications:

Newsletter for your fans

Newsletter for your fans

Nutshell Mail: This application will immensely simplify keeping up and managing your Fanpage. It will not only allow you to receive and reply to comments on your wall through your email, it will also allow you to update your status from your email and provide your fans the option to receive an email newsletter that will summarize the activity on your Fanpage delivered to their email. Perfect for the busy fans and admins as well.

3. Look & Feel:

  • Expand Profile Pic: This is not exactly an application but it is crucial for drawing attention to your brand. You can expand your profile picture up to 180 x 540 pixels. To do that you’ll have to upload a picture with those dimensions otherwise it will be re-sized in order to fit.
  • Extended Info: The space created to edit your profile on your Fanpage is pretty limited and you can’t embed images within it as well. To get around that, get the Extended Info application. This will allow you to customize the fields of your profile, add links to your website as well as allow you to share other social media presences or any other piece of information that you feel will be beneficial in presenting your brand.

    Flash Videos on Facebook

    Flash Videos on Facebook

  • Flash Player: This application will allow you to add your own custom flash file to the page therefore adding a dynamic and interactive aspect to it. This could be a flash ad, a flash movie or even a flash game.
  • Reviews: It is great to create a space for people to express their views about your company or services or employees. That gives the impression that you care about your customers and you listen to them as well. One of the great ways to do that is to open up a space for your fans to review you on your page. This application provides a neat simplified way to achieve that.
  • Posted Items Pro: This is a great media app, it will allow you to share several videos from Youtube, Google or Yahoo, links to websites, music, widgets and many other things on your fanpage’s side bar. It will also allow you to arrange them and also includes themes for the apps profile box.
  • Static FBML: Facebook limits the amount of control you have over your page, so you are unable to change the fonts, the background or use HTML. One reason for this is to keep the pages fairly uniform and to avoid Myspace-like atrocities, but you can use this app instead! This application enables you to use Facebook Markup language which lends the Fanpage some limited HTML functionality. Now there are a lot of thing that can be done with this app but we will go over the most important and vital ones and how to do them.

We hope that gets you started with your Fanpage. By using these applications you will be able to get creative with your page and create some beautiful ones like Sunkist Soda and Victoria’s Secret PINK.

Why a Fanpage And Not a Group?

Why a Fanpage And Not a Group?

Did you find the guide helpful? Are there any other apps that you use on your page?

Share your experience with us.

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    Some great design inspiration here. I’m planning on marketing some of my Facebook pages with some of the companies listed at and I think it would help to create some more designs that might compel people to check out my page. Facebook is getting so important and I think that you have to come up with some interesting stuff to get attention faster.

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