Infoporn: Twitter by the Numbers

As we mentioned earlier, we think that the best way to run a social media campaign is to know your audience.

Previously, we talked about the state of the Internet today, where small-to-medium businesses spend their marketing money, general statistics about Internet usage, and the amount of information being shared online. Today, we have three nifty infographs about everyone’s favorite micro-blogging platform; Twitter.

Is Twitter Losing Its Tweet-Factor?

Personally, I think Twitter’s “Tweet-Factor” is increasing. You can make your own conclusions though:

Is Twitter losing its Tweet-Factor?

Is Twitter losing its Tweet-Factor?

Where Are Twitter Users Going?

Another good question to ask in terms of Twitter  usage is: Where are tweeps going when they’re done with Twitter?

Market-research firm, Hitwise, recently found that most folks go to entertainment sites and other social networks, with a whopping 60%.

As you can see, many of them visit entertainment sites

As you can see, many of them visit entertainment sites

If You Printed Twitter

Last but not least, an infograph about the information on Twitter. Okay, this is one ugly infograph, but the information in it is pretty :)

The information is crazy, isn't it?

The information is crazy, isn't it?

Given the information overload…

What do you think? Is Twitter a fad that will die out in a couple of years like Second Life, or is it going to be the next email?

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3 responses to “Infoporn: Twitter by the Numbers”

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  2. Beiruta says:

    I don't think Twitter will die and vanish, but I don't think it will ever replace e-mail either!

    Cool stats by the way :)

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    With Twitter taking 2912 years to read everything on it. I bet workplaces are starting to block it which reminds me, it's time for my tea time and twitter stream reading …

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