Is Google Falling into the Privacy Invasion Pit?

Less than a month ago, Google started getting smacked in the face about its new yet flawed Buzz service and its privacy concerns. Now, just a few weeks after, Google faces storm over the naked child on Street View followed by criticism for showing images of the secret SAS headquarters!

By now, we are more than used to hearing about Facebook’s carelessness towards our privacy and Twitter’s scams and hacks. However, when privacy campaigners, such as Alex Deane of Big Brother, start slamming Google by saying: “Where there’s one example like this, there will be many others,” one can not but wonder:

Will this be a growing trend for Google now? Has Google taken on the road to falling into the pit of privacy invasion, causing its credibility to falter and its glorified image to darken?

I sure hope not… And Google fans seem to be defending of Google up to this second, regardless of the criticism it is facing.

Google Joke

Google Joke

Google mapping and street views are great. It is the self righteous prats who are the problem. They complain about everything under the guise of privacy“. Paul

If these things happen in public, it’s not unexpected that once in a while they will be photographed inadvertently. Google didn’t deliberately take the photograph, possibly they should have checked their images for such things before making them public, but this is hardly newsworthy.” Malcom

* The comments of Paul and Malcom were taken from the original news article this post was built upon.

What Can Google do to Redeem itself?

At this point, I think a comprehensive, well-planned social media campaign can help Google polish its image in front of its current and potential audience. It is cheap and effective at this stage of damages.

However, after a while, Google will need serious image repair – a plastic surgery – and that will cost it way more time, effort and money, and it might not pay off even then!

What do you think: Do you think we should be cutting Google some slack? Does Google has a chance to fix the damage done already?

Looking forward to hearing your comments below.

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5 responses to “Is Google Falling into the Privacy Invasion Pit?”

  1. Roba Al-Assi says:

    Privacy is overrated, but the cartoon is hilarious :) Love the Simpsons!

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  3. Hal Brown says:

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Did people suddenly learn that unless measures are taken to hide, there is no privacy on the Internet? Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, your ISP all take a piece of your privacy.
    Google left China. Microsoft and Yahoo did not.

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  5. I don't think we should be cutting Google some slack.Google has a chance to fix the damage done already.

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