Philips VS Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

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: Philips (Electronics)

: Products and services


: Twitter, Youtube, Flickr

: Prize

: 2009

It’s no secret that active bloggers and Twitter users are generally quite fond of content sharing. That’s because they’re creators, rather than passive consumers of content. The question is though — are content-creators willing to put an effort into creating creative material for your brand when faced with the prospect of possible financial benefits?

Idea and Objective:

Philips TV up-for-grabs

Philips TV up-for-grabs

Want to win this TV? Great. Now put your creative thinking hats on.

The competition idea is brilliant in its simplicity. The candidates had to tweet a versus proposition for a Philips product, that is, challenge Philips to beat something else using its products. In one of the example videos, Philips Vs The Sun, the firm tries to fool a cockerel that it’s morning using a wake-up light:

People used imagery as well, like this one off Flickr:

Kinda lame?

Kinda lame?

In case you are curious, here is the winning idea:

@Philips_vs War. World peace – send Philips Intimate Massagers to all world dictators to see if it convinces them to Make Love, Not War.

Buzz Generated:

While people liked some of the content, as you can see below—

People loved it!

People loved it!

—the campaign did not have much positive impact on the brand. Graphing the mentions of “Philips” on Twitter during that time period, as borrowed from Viral Blog:

Trends for Philips and Philps VS

Trends for Philips and Philps VS

Trends for Philips

Trends for Philips

Lessons Learned:

Answering the question we posed initially: “are content-creators willing to put effort into creating creative material for your brand when faced with the prospect of possible financial benefits?”, the answer is “not unless the financial benefit is worth it.”

  1. People may make the effort it would take to come up with a creative idea— ex. crowdsourcing—if the competition provides strong benefits, but not if it’s a far shot.
  2. People won’t socially bookmark interesting brand material unless it really is very different from other things available.
  3. Just because some people like content doesn’t guarantee that it will go viral.

What do you think of this campaign? Why do you think that people did not react so well to it although the content does have viral basics?

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: 2/5
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2 responses to “Philips VS Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I really enjoyed the ad. My only comment is that Philips should have put more effort and research into making the competition's rewards appealing to their audience!

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    whenever I see vs. it makes me think of a fight *not a good thing for a brand* so i'm wondering where is the phillips vs. sony ?

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