Who the F*** Is Justin Bieber?

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The other day, I was flipping through the channels just trying to numb my brain in between things and not think of anything in particular. It is one of my favorite procrastination techniques and an absolute time waster. As I was doing so, I happened to pass cross a music channel, I’m inclined to say MTV out of habit but since they dropped music from their programming it must have been something else, and this video just grabbed my attention for some odd reason:

The first thing that popped in my head was like “Wow, now we have lesbian pop stars! How far things have progressed“. And so, I was curious and I actually finishd the video! Being as out of tune with pop music as I am, I have never heard this song again, but since Ludacris is featured it must be some really hot thing. At the end of the video I was in shock! It was a boy called “Justin Beiber”. For some odd reason, that sounded very familiar! And then I remembered… that’s a name that I always see trending on Twitter.

So I got curious to learn more about him and wanted to dig-in some more, and boy was I taken back by him. He is like the first bonafied Youtube to mainstream crossover success. So, if you still don’t know who Justin Bieber is, you better start taking notes. It’s not like I give a damn about his music but his close to more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter will definitely raise a few eyebrows.

His Start

Justin Bieber is a 16-year old, yes I swear he’s not 13, Canadian kid who likes to sing. Not so different from the other million people who upload videos on Youtube, Justin just seems to have had more luck than many. A video of him in a competition covering a Ne-Yo’s song went viral and a music manager at Island Def Jam records stumbled upon it and decided to sign him up. Basically, saving him the agony of years of thankless gigs at nameless clubs that are usually required to jump start a music career.

It is also worth noting that just a week ago, Justin had already been able to release two albums within the span of the past 2 months, his second “My World 2.0” just hit stores on the 23rd of March.

The numbers

This kid is fierce, anyone holding an event for him, offline and especially online, is learning to over estimate the number of attendees and the preparations required for the event. His fans, Beibermaniacs, adore him so much that they managed to break viewer records for shows he attended, crash online chat servers, and even cause riots at malls because of him. I kid you not! Last November when a scheduled event in a mall in Long Island was canceled over security concerns chaos broke out, and 3,000 of his fans went ballistic and rioted across the mall only to be stopped by his tweets.

Twitter(@justinbieber): 1,626,000+ Followers

MySpace: 616,000+ friends

Youtube: ~150,000,000 Video views (not a typo!)

Facebook: 2,299,000+

This kid is the king of social media, and the reason, according to Gawker, is basically that every 11 year old girl and their mother are following him and spreading the word. Even Conan O’Brian declared him as his nemesis celebrating overtaking him only to realize that this made him even more popular.

So what’s His Secret?

  • He is authentic: Most of his online interactions are carried over by him. The only other person that has access to his Twitter account is Bieber’s Manager Scott “Scooter” Braun. Moreover, even though he has “a lot” of Twitter followers, he still strives to answer them all.
  • He knows how to create buzz around his videos and events: His PR team is great and they know their audience, they allow him to showcase himself amongst other superstars such as Usher and Ludacris and appear as their equal (dare I say, superior) giving him credibility.
  • Bieber’s fans are the focus of the Beiber brand: They are the people that carry the Bieber torch. The fans feel that way because it was because of them that he got viral in the first place and he knows that he owes it to them. So Beiber showcases his fans, retweets them, replies to them and allow them to spread Biebermania to their friends and encourages them to.
a Bieber Retweet

a Bieber Retweet

So do you now know who Bieber is? How can companies and entrepreneurs’ learn from people like Bieber who establish their brands through social media? Let us hear your thoughts.

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9 responses to “Who the F*** Is Justin Bieber?”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I have never heard of the dude before this post, EVER! Bieber teaches companies and entrepreneurs to KNOW THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE WELL in order to be able to tailor a campaign that will suit their needs and over exceed their expectations!

  2. Amer Kawar says:

    Amazing post and amazing how this 16 year old Justin Bieber did something not even big corporation where able to do – use social media the best way possible. I mean the amazing Dove Evolution campaign got 10 million view since 3 years, while one of Bieber's video got more than 60 million views in just 4 months!

  3. BritMarieWatt says:

    I agree with all the points you make about why you think he is popular. However, I really think that his authenticity is the one thing that needs to be highlighted the most. His personality and confidence has not been seen in a young artist in quite some time. And, outside of Disney, he really is one of the only young artists who have had more than one hit and have been this popular. I honestly think this is something that America has been waiting for, for quite some time now. I relate Justin Bieber to the good ol’ early Britney Spears days. She was a superstar. I remember being a young girl and she was all everyone talked about and sang and mimicked. The same thing seems to be happening with Justin. He is seeming innocent, genuine, fun, and different, just like Britney Spears was. And, aside from the bizarre ways of Lady GaGa and the sexual innuendos of Ke$ha and others, America really does love authenticity. In fact, I would argue, it’s what we love most. America loves to LOVE people. And, who better than Justin? He fits the criteria perfectly, outside of Disney. And, even so, with Disney now-a-days, it almost doesn’t seem genuine anymore and no one seems to stand out any longer. But with Justin, he is “hip” and down-to-Earth. He’s not pretending to be picture perfect, which is refreshing. But, at the same time, he seemingly still manages to be picture perfect. Lastly, and pretty importantly, I would point out Justin’s charm as a huge factor in his success. Anytime he is seen anywhere he seems to have this instant connection with who he is with. He seems very at ease and natural with them and, often times, even flirty. His innocent flirtation is endearing, not creepy at this ripe age, and it’s working for the young girls and the moms. So, all-in-all, how can someone learn from Bieber? I don’t know if it’s something you can intentionally do, necessarily. With Bieber, I think it has a lot to do with him, and therefore, it’s a natural “it” thing that he has.

  4. M.Bamieh says:

    Like you said the one thing to learn is to be authentic in your interaction. After reading what you had to say about him and how he is now i'm wondering what will happen once he grows up… some young artists disappear for a while before coming back to the scene and realizing that it doesn't work (lil(?) bow wow) and others shed their skin and start anew(Justin Timberlake and other mickey mouse club stars)

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  6. […] should, by now, have an inkling about who Justin Bieber is, you have checked out the lesbians that look like Justin, and right about now you have became so […]

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  8. cristiana says:

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