10 Things You Need to Start Tweeting About!



Twitter can teach you a lot: ranging from formulating meaningful and useful 140-character messages, to communicating effectively with your target audience. However, and though Twitter has been around for 4 years now, some people still lack the right tools to utilize Twitter for harnessing results on both the personal and business levels.

As a response to 10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About, I decided to write a comprehensive compilation of the top ten things you need to start tweeting about, adding the need and value of those topics as eye openers for you and your Twitter friends! Enjoy!

10 Things You Need to Start Tweeting About!

1. The Environment:

Global warming, and all its terrifying consequences, is a concern for all human beings. So regardless of the reasons behind you having your Twitter accounts, a few tweets per account per day about environmental issues and concerns should be enough to spread awareness – and hopefully bring about a slight change!

2. General Causes:

I still don’t get how people spend hours using social media and still miss topics and campaigns aiming to spread awareness about obesity, crime, cancer, AIDS or other pressing society-related causes. A few tweets a day about a few of these causes can help bring about change – even save someone’s life!

3. Upcoming Events:

Twitter gathers a pool of interesting people who have a lot in common! Therefore, I think tweeting about upcoming events of all types is very important in spreading information and fun and bringing people together.

Don't tweet about the conference you are at!

Don't tweet about the conference you are at - but tweet about upcoming events!

4. Useful Tips:

So you lost a few kilos while maintaining a healthy diet, good for you! But if you decide to share that on Twitter, make sure to add a few real and valuable tips on how you were able to achieve that. This can apply to a wide array of topics ranging from closing a business deal to benefiting from a relaxing yoga class!

5. Blogs & People:

Many startups fail miserably because the social media realm is too busy buzzing about big companies and “important” people! Take the time to spread the word about smaller initiatives, and unnoticed creative ideas! Tweet about fresh blogs with a hint of future prosperity and small bloggers with big dreams!

6. Growth:

Maybe it’s not a great idea to talk about yourself all the time, however, it is always good to periodically share your successes and reasons for them via Twitter in hopes of inspiring others out there to take a risk or try something new. (It has worked for me)

Don't tweet about emotional breakthroughs

Don't tweet about emotional breakthroughs - but tweet about your growth!

7. Informative Posts:

Within the clutter of Twitter, sometimes it is almost impossible to catch good and informative posts. If you’re not tweeting about a post you wrote, make sure to tweet about an interesting article you came across or an informative post you think your Twitter friends would benefit from.

8. News Headlines:

I can’t stress the importance of sharing relevant news headlines on Twitter since it has the ability to spread like fire there. Whenever you stumble upon important news that can definitely positively or negatively effect your Twitter listeners, take a moment and tweet it. It is worth the time.

9. Gratitude:

Always tweet your gratitude and appreciation to your Twitter followers. They need to know that their efforts are welcomed and noted. A few tweets here and there thanking them should be enough to obtain their loyalty.

10. Apps and Tools:

May it be an effort to advertise your new application or tool, or one which you just came across, tweet about it and share effective ways to better utilize your Twitter followers’ phones, Twitter accounts, blogs and so on.

Finally, what do you think of these tips? And do you have any more to offer our readers?

Looking forward to your feedback :)

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  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Great Cheat sheet to stay active on twitter

  2. Beiruta says:

    Thanks :) Glad u liked it! Looking forward to more of your interesting posts :)

  3. Seema says:

    ya its a communicating way …………How to interact with the other ?

  4. CBriquet says:

    Great tips, I'll RT certainly.
    In other words, common sense.
    Tks to sharing it.


  5. Teresa Brax says:

    Very useful advices. Thank you beiruta!

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