7 Tips to Not Burn Yourself Up Online!

Burn UP!

Don't burn yourself up online!

Starting a presence on social networking sites is always an exciting experience. You choose your username and customize your account just the way you like it and you start communicating with the world. Some people get so excited about their account that they end up burning themselves up and leaving their space vacant, desolate, and as unattended as a ghost town.

Therefore, here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your social media account, and keep you from burn out and abandoning your account later on.

1. Limit the amount of time you spend on it

Usually, between 15-30 minutes a day on regular bases should be enough to keep everyone posted on what you are up to. Take breaks from you account, and if you feel like you need more time, make that the exception rather than the rule. The amount of time that can be spent on social media could be endless and without a limit you might discover yourself addicted and feel the need to quit cold turkey.

2. Jump into it

It is very depressing to wait for people to start interacting with you. Don’t idle and wait for others to discover you; take the initiative and hunt them down. Add people who you find interesting, say hi to them and eventually people will start interacting with you, giving you a reason to go back. Add key players and invest in getting quality connections and maintaining the communication channels.

3.  Your personality is your asset

Don’t try to put up a front. If you are not yourself on a social networking, you will quickly get tired of putting on that act, and if you do it for long enough you are bound to slip and tarnish your identity. It is a lot easier to just be yourself, share and do the things that your are passionate about, even if you are creating the account for business purpose, fun will still be a major part of your interaction.

4. Create themes

Plan your social media week or month and create themes for your interactions. Spend an entire week or month talking and discussing a topic, or create a give-away. This way you will break the routine that you have going, keeping things not only interesting for you but also for your followers. Also, it will help set you apart from the competition.

5. Create don’t just propagate

Retweets of the Most Active 5%

Retweets of the Most Active 5%

Create value for your followers. Creating fresh and interesting content is certainly great but creating any content at all is better than just linking to other people’s content. People will flock to the people you link to and leave you in the dust eventually. So to keep people, and yourself, interested make sure that you create new content regularly and don’t go on sporadic hiatuses.

6. Compete with yourself

People tend to circle around themselves aimlessly without goals, and if you can’t measure your progress, you will never achieve any goal. So be sure to measure and track statistics of your social media profile, set goals for yourself and work on achieving them.

7. It’s more fun in real life

Get away from the screen and attend events and meet-ups. If the event is in your city, town, somewhere near by, or even far, get off your butt and go attend it. Mingle with the people, talk, discuss and engage. Giving people a piece of your mind and impressing them will not only strengthen your ties to your followers and gain new ones, it will also create a more tangible connection to your followers, a REAL connection!

Did you find the tips helpful? Do you have any other tips to add to these?

Share with us your thoughts and experiences.

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3 responses to “7 Tips to Not Burn Yourself Up Online!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Great tips! I think trying to always enjoy whatever you do is the key! Even if you're using social media for work, you can always find ways to enjoy it!

  2. zolicon says:

    8 – Treat People with digonity and Respect.

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