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There is a new marketing landscape that is starting to form with internet ads and campaigns. According to data from the Pew Research center, 40% of internet users claim to have “never” clicked an ad on the web, and 77% of them totally ignore those ads. Given the reluctance of internet users to click on online ads, as well as their habitual ignorance of their mere existence, marketers have been trying to find out new ways and tricks to make their ads more appealing and engaging for internet users.

One of those exciting new technologies is augmented reality adverts that allow the audience to utilize elements from their environment and engage with the ads; adding an element of excitement and fun to marketing. There are several examples for ads that utilize augmented reality and they are all quite innovative in their own way.

Burger King’s $1 Menu Ad

Success 4/5, Virality 2/5, Innovation 5/5, Feels like an ad Yes, Brand visibility 5/5

This is a brilliant ad created by Crispin Porter Bogusky agency and it was showing up on websites for a while.

Basically, if you click the ad, activate your web-cam and hold up a dollar as marked on the ad, you will be able to see what this 1$ dollar can buy from Burger Kings Value menu! When you flip the buck, an exciting little gimmick occurs.

What is absolutely brilliant about this is the novelty of the experience, especially since this was one of the first augmented reality ads to hit the web.  The fact that you are willing to take a buck out of your bucket and associate it with an item from the value menu will surely make you think about BK the next time you see that buck and that’s why it is brilliant! If you didn’t catch the ad, you can Try it out here (nb. you don’t really need a 1$ bill.)

Eminem’s Relapse Competition

Success 2/5, Virality 3/5, Innovation 4/5, Feels like an ad No, Brand visibility 1/5

This a pretty different use of the technology. To promote the release of the “Relapse” album, a competition was held on the website to earn the chance to win a trip to Detroit and attend a ‘a secret’ Eminem album launch event.

To enter the competition, you had to print a logo and hold it up to your web-cam, this will make a 3-D E logo to appear and your objective is to create the best digital graffiti in order to win. You can still enter the competition at the UK Relapse website. Unlike the BK banner, this method of implementation allowed for more interaction with the augmented reality.

Kia Soul “Go Hamster Go” Game

Success 5/5, Virality 4/5, Innovation 5/5, Feels like an ad No, Brand visibility 3/5

This is another way were the campaign feels more of Eye Toy game than anything else. To give their recent commercial a great boost, Kia decided to create this game in which you will have to fish out tired hamsters from the treadmill and place them in a Kia Soul car. The game is, by far, the most fun I’ve had with a commercial in a really long time. It definitely keeps its audience fixed on the screen. The game was released on Facebook, which gives it the extra chance to go viral. To play the game, you can go here and add the “Go hamster Go” app on your Facebook.

Buzz Generation

Twitter is buzzing

Twitter is buzzing

On Twitter, there are always people talking about some augmented reality examples, and there is a steady trend for more and more blog posts and news stories talking about augmented reality and its applications.

Why did it do what it did?

There is no denying that people are starting to talk about augmented reality and its applications in marketing. It is becoming more and more evident that traditional marketing methods are just being ignored and people are not interested in what the advertisements are trying to pitch. However, here comes a method where the audience is encouraged to pay attention and is rewarded for it by having a fun experience or maybe more.

As time goes on, even more innovation will be required to make users pay attention to your campaign. With the spread of smart phones equipped with cameras, there are even more exciting venues to implement augmented reality. On of those ways is by adopting QR Codes which are already popular in Japan.

Have you came across those campaigns or any other augmented reality campaigns? Do you think this will get you to notice ads again? Let us hear your thoughts.

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    Great compilation of augment reality campaigns! Loved the Kia Soul experience :)

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