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Super Powere Boobs?

Super Power Boobs?

During Friday prayers, Muslim clerics are required to give sermons, and last week the head honcho of Friday prayer sermon clerics, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, was quoted in Iranian media saying that  “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.

It’s not like it’s the first time that a religious figure blamed natural disaster on a certain group of people, this is actually quite common. However, in the western side of Indiana, there was a young Purdue senior that had a light bulb flash in her head when she read about this. What if we put that theory to the test ?

What is it about?

Jennifer McCreight a senior at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN decided to put the clerics theory to the test and call for a campaign to women around the world asking them to show off some skin on April 26th and see if this act does really cause a calamity of epic proportions.

In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words

This idea started off with a post on her blog, Blag Hag, entitled “In the name of science, I offer my boobs” where she asked women around the world to be immodest and wear the most exposing clothes that they are willing to wear in order to finally answer the question of whether exposed boobs have the power to shake things up.

This campaign is a great example of a cause; snowballing from an idea on a small blog to an international movement that hit major news. Women jumped on the idea and took it as a chance to not only rebel against the cleric and prove him wrong but also as an opportunity to make a statement against all arbitrary lines of immodesty that women are ruled by around the world. Understandably, men also jumped on the bandwagon and encouraged the documentation of participation with visual evidence so that it would be a true scientific experiment.

Some people took offense to the movement, whether it was feminists who opposed the idea of  objectifying women or scientists who kept on pointing out that earthquakes happen on daily bases and declared the experiment both offensive and a failure. But those people missed the whole point of the campaign, it was simply a silly joke at how religious people take life too seriously and how they should loosen up!

Buzz Generation:

Twitter Account (jennifurret): 3,780+ Followers

Facebook Account (Boobquake): 89,000+

Youtube: More than 300 videos mentioning “Boobquake” on Youtube with more than 1 million views in total!

Thats a SPIKE!

That's a SPIKE!

The campaign’s Facebook Fanpage was its headquarters and its report center was on Twitter using the #boobquake hash-tag which became a trending topic on that day. The campaign became so huge that it was covered by several news outlets and shows including CNN, BBC, CBC, ABC, FOX and others. It was also embraced by many people for very varying reasons.

The Buzz on Twitter

The Buzz on Twitter

Why did it do what it did?

This speaks to the power of social media, and its ability to allow an obscure little blogger from a college town in the midwest to make a statement that not only reaches a cleric all the way in Iran, but also spread the message to the entire world.

Joke around! If this was a self righteous campaign it would have not gotten anywhere, and if anyone took themselves seriously and wanted everyone joining in the campaign to hold the same ideal then it would have not gotten anywhere as well. The reason that it spread so quickly is that it meant a lot of things to a lot of people.

Getting the first influential followers! The word gets out quicker when more people are talking about it, however, the critical thing is to get the approval of some influential people and that’s what the campaign did. It got the approval nod from big bloggers such as P.Z.,and Russell Blackford who are major players in the Atheistic bloggers sphere and it took on a life of its own later on.

On a side note a 6.5 quake did occur in Taiwan on April 26th. Coincidence? Perhaps…

What do you think of the campaign? Did you hear of it? Let us hear your thoughts.

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3 responses to “Boobquake Campaign! — Learn Social Media By Example”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I like the buzz generated due to this campaign. On the other hand, I feel it's sexist and further objectifies women's bodies! I don't think there is a need to actually “show more cleavage” in order to prove some cleric, who obviously has perception problems, of what we all know is false!

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