How Fortune 100 Companies Are Leveraging Social Media

Flowtown is always releasing great infographs and this is a natural follow up to “Where SMB Spend their Marketing and Advert Money?“. Like the other infograph, it raises quite a few questions and illuminates quite a few realizations, discussed below.

How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? - Flowtown

Big Businesses Love Twitter

It might be the short format, or it might be because of its large user base but one thing that is evident is that even though they use Twitter, they miss its point! While the majority (82%) of their time is spent tweeting company news, they are very lacking on the interaction part of Twitter. People like to use Twitter to get a quick reply or for spreading the word on what others are up to. If you only spend about 30% of your time replying to tweets and retweeting, then you are not interacting with users like you should be and it would be beneficial to reconsider your Twitter strategy. Twitter is all about snap interactions, not just streaming info and links.

Blogs Are Dead to the Corporate World

While only 33% of Fortune 100 corporations have blogs, only 33% have posts on them! Understandably, blogs require a lot more time than Twitter but also offer a lot more information and it just shows that most corporations prefer the quick and dirty methods of FB and Twitter rather than spend time utilizing blogs as communication platforms, a technique efficiently used by small businesses.

Few Account & Even Fewer Posts

While employing hundreds of employees who already use social media profiles, that are affiliated with the company on way or another, it is shocking to see the average number of 4 accounts on Twitter and Facebook per company.  Even then, there is so little activity on those accounts as well. Maybe a more manageable approach would be to encourage employees to utilize their personal account, while disclosing the association of course, to fulfill part of the social media strategy. You can create incentives so that more people are encouraged to do so, that way you will be able to engage the number of channels you are employing to engage with customers, again something smaller companies tend to do a lot more effectively.

In conclusion, while Fortune 100 companies harness social media more than small and medium businesses, they just do a shittier job at it! Creating a presence and missing the part about interacting with their audience, that makes me believe that they still see the internet as a place where you dump a pretty website and wait for leads to pop-up in your mailbox. Therefore, my suggestion is that they outsource their social media strategy to a small business who will be able to leverage the social media advantage in a more effective manner than what is being done right now.

Out of your interaction with big companies, how do you rate their social media presence? Can you name a fortune 100 company that impressed you with its social media presence?

Share with us your insight in the comments section below.

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3 responses to “How Fortune 100 Companies Are Leveraging Social Media”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Great information! But what saddens me is knowing that blogs are dead to the corporate world because, as I see it, they bring a personal touch to the business and bring it closer to its target audience.

  2. M.Bamieh says:

    The problem is that they are personal … hence take a lot of personal time something the corporate world isn't too keen on giving without some measurable income, and blogs tend to be crappy in generating measurable income

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