Skinput: Your Family & Friends… Just an Arm Away!

Microsoft latest gadget still in developing is capable of turning a human arm into a touch screen display. This is done without needing to implant anything onto the human”.

Supposedly, this gadget would be assembled as an acoustic bio-sensor to detect sound patterns created when tapping a forearm or palm. Each part has a specific acoustic signature that can be associated with functions like dialing a phone or playing Tetris. Pinching and flicking gestures can also be used for commands.”.

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

Microsoft’s Innovative Skinput Gadget

Worries & Concerns:

Innovation is GREAT! Creativity is even greater! However, I can’t help but wonder about many aspects that have to do with this device:

  • The Cost Aspect: Will people actually afford this device? If so, how is it going to be guaranteed? And is it worth the hassle; is cost vs. value well planned out?
  • The Reachability Aspect: If your mobile phone is on your hand, not in it, does that mean you have to be available at all times? How would you use the “I did not pick up the phone because you couldn’t find it” excuse when you need to be alone?
  • The Health Aspect: Until now, no one really figured out, 100%, the degree with which mobile phones are harmful to our health and overall well being. Are we sure we want to try something new that could harm us in one way or another?

Your Thoughts…

Finally, I’d like to ask you the following questions: Would you buy a device such as Skinput? How much would you pay for this gadget?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments’ section.

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3 responses to “Skinput: Your Family & Friends… Just an Arm Away!”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    i have a feeling this is like VR all over again

  2. mo says:

    what are the side effects

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    It's a light emitted on your hand. Why would there be side effects other than your arm might get tired?

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