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March 34th, 2010:

Sacramento, CA – The California Secretary of State announced that the Initiative to Control and Tax cannabis has qualified for the November ballot.  Reflecting the Initiative’s broad and diverse support, the Secretary of State revealed that vastly more than enough signatures were submitted from voters from across the state in near-record time.

The Idea & Objectives:

The campaign aims to change California law to legalize Marijuana and allow it to be regulated and taxed . Mainly allowing people 21 years old or older to possess and sell marijuana for personal use. For more details on the Act, click here.

This campaign follows the footsteps of an older campaign called “Yes We Can..nabis”, which shared the aim of pushing for legalizing cannabis under certain conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the “Yes We Can..nabis” campaign featured Obama and had a dedicated site, which is still up and running, for selling related items and products.

Yes We Cannabis

Yes We Cannabis

Buzz Generated:

Taking into consideration the sensitivity and controversy related to cannabis, its use and its widely opposed negative side effects, I think the overall buzz generated for this campaign is quite intriguing!

Almost 7,800 “likes” on Stumble Upon!

Tax Cannabis 2010 on Stumble Upon

Tax Cannabis 2010 on Stumble Upon

Many discussions taking place around Twitter, with 1,600 followers openly supporting the campaign goals:

TaxCannabis Discussions on Twitter

Tax Cannabis Discussions on Twitter

Not to forget the 1,885 Facebook’s Tax Cannabis application active monthly users!

Moreover, and with their new radio ad, which was recently being promoted on Twitter, I think the best is yet to come!

Tax Cannabis Radio Ad

Tax Cannabis Radio Ad

Lessons Learned:

The following message makes me believe, more and more, the degree of which using the right “political and diplomatic” statements could actually help achieve controversial campaign goals:

The Control and Tax Initiative is a welcome change for law enforcement in California,” said Kyle Kazan, a retired Torrance Police Officer.  “It will allow police to get back to work fighting violent crime.”

Yet, what else did we learn from this campaign?

  • The sky is your limit! If cannabis use, which has been illegal for the longest time, could be promoted through social media outlets and venues, it is almost impossible to stop in the way of using those same outlets and venues for marketing any other product or a service!
  • Controversial messages attract attention! Sometimes, creating a controversial message to attract your audience attention could be a quick and effective attention grabber!
  • Don’t allow fear to hold you back! If you avoid risk, you will never be able to reach your full potential. When designing a social media campaign, don’t fear your audience’s reaction, rather, you need to study them then seduce them!

Finally, If you’re pro this campaign, and you fully understand the implications of this campaign’s success, you can help spread the word by clicking here.

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One response to “The Tax Cannabis Campaign – Learn Social Media By Example”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Actually marijuana was legal for the longest time and regulation only started in the early 1900's and sentencing and full out criminalization followed later on in 1950's… so it hasn't even been illegal for a long time.
    I was surprised by the quality and the professionalism of the campaign… definitely not run by hippies !

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