Why is Facebook Panicking about the Panic Button? Thoughts & Insights

Facebook has announced an overhaul of its online safety measures that include the redesign of its abuse reporting system… But the web giant is still blocking calls from Britain’s child protection agency to add “panic buttons” to its pages. Read more here

This articles, along with many others, have been buzzing with news about Facebook’s refusal to add the “panic button” feature as a part of its safety measures.

Facebook: In a pickle… again!

The Panic Button!

The Panic Button!

It seems that sex offenders, murderers and stalkers are seeing Facebook as a great and effortless platform for seducing and attracting children and causing tremendous disturbances in families and in the overall safety of the community!

Police chiefs signed a letter backing the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) center, which wants the link on every page of the website. However, despite the pressure Facebook is being put under, it is still in utter resistance mode when it comes to the implementation of this step! To complicate matters further for Facebook, several other social networking sites, including Bebo, have installed the button.

Some critics indirectly support Facebook’s decision by saying: “The panic button really isn’t a panic button at all,” Parry Aftab, the New York-based head of the website wiredsafety.org and a lawyer who specializes in Internet privacy and security law. “It’s not a cyber 911, it is a link to Internet safety materials when things go wrong. It’s not a report to police, it just instructs you to call the police if you suspect a crime has been committed.”

What are users saying about this?

A panic button is a waste of time. The kids won’t use it. Plus, you do have privacy settings on Facebook so children can be protected. Again, I agree that the parents are to blame for letting their children use it with out checking what the child/children are doing“, says tinkerbell on Sky News.

Like many others have said, I think the panic button would be abused. The only way to stop registered sex offenders to is introduce some kind of account verification system, similar to the one Paypal use when you set up a account with them”, adds Djinn.

Facebook Security Center - Improved Measure

Facebook Security Center - Improved Measure

So, what’s really going on then?

In my humble opinion, there could only be 3 explanations to what is going on here (taking into consideration the sensitivity and importance of children’s safety):

  1. The police who are supporting the implementation of the “panic button” do not really realize the potential of Facebook, children or the offenders.
  2. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) has a hidden agenda for Facebook, since it still insists to push Facebook to add the “panic button” in spite of people’s opinions and Facebook’s improved security measures.
  3. Facebook is afraid of something… And I really can’t think of what it could be!

I invite you to brainstorm with me… What do you think is really happening here? Do you want Facebook to add the “panic button”? Do you think this issue is worth all the fuss being made about it?

Looking forward to your input down below :)

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  1. Naix says:

    That is only for safety purposes and I certainly agree about it

  2. Dionisia says:

    Better yet, lets keep our children with full of parental guidance, spare time for them.

  3. puet says:

    It's nice but what if some people use this for fun.

  4. puet says:

    Is this possible?

  5. Mr Todoinks. says:

    Yes it is possible you D** ahol

    Parental guidance is still recommended

  6. gino says:

    where is the panic button?

  7. puet says:

    Is this useful?

  8. puet says:

    is it effective?

  9. Naix says:

    I can't see the panic button. I am worried. I think I'm in the panic zone right now!!! WAAAAAAAA

  10. red says:

    It is existing in the face book menu?

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  13. jam says:

    It really works!

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