Introducing Google TV — Be Careful What You Wish For! [video]

When I first heard about Google TV, my initial reaction was: “Wow! Everything I need in my living room or even bedroom… A dream that is actually materializing into something tangible!”

I played around with the different possibilities and solutions this “awesome” creation will bring about and just before I planned to research more about its price and purchasing points, it hit me: “Wait a second, there is so much more to think about… Nothing as sophisticated as that would not come with a price, a high one may I add!”

Opportunity Cost

Google TVWhat are we really giving up or jeopardizing with this new product?

  • Maintenance: How costly will the maintenance be? Is Google going to open Google shops?
  • Privacy and Security: What does this creation take from us in terms of privacy? Now Google doesn’t only know what we do on the Internet, but also what we watch on our TV.
  • Intrusive advertising: How will this creation be used to collect information about us to facilitate intrusive advertising?

I wonder: How many other negative outcomes could surface from using this device? Has anyone out there thought about these elements? And if they did, are they that excited about obtaining this device?

Looking forward to your comments down below.

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3 responses to “Introducing Google TV — Be Careful What You Wish For! [video]”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Didn't TiVo beat them to that like 11 years ago? (Wikipedia)

    The privacy/security issue is the same repetitive question we keep reading on TC, Mashable, RWW and everywhere we look online. Google & Facebook do not care about our privacy, and we need to deal with it. If you don't want people to know what movies you like, you need to *actively* find the checkbox and “untick” it. Haven't we learnt that already?

    The advertising is why it's built, just as on Google search and Youtube, we pay for Google products by clicking once in a while on the adverts.

    Maintenance will probably be outsourced, just like Android (software from Google) and HTC (the hardware).

    Not an exciting Google product really!

  2. bambambi says:

    This is like trying to teach an old dog some new tricks, the internet shouldn't be coming to TV they got it ass backwards

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