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As far as Hollywood and movie studios are concerned their Christmas season is in summer, that’s the time  they await patiently to release their biggest blockbusters and wait for the profits to come pouring in. We are just about to come to the beginning of the blockbuster season and the release of the first mega movie of this summer season is only a few days away.

Iron Man 2 opens in movie theaters around the states on the 7th of May, the movie is the much anticipated sequel to the movie Iron Man which was released in 2008 and had brands jumping on its bandwagon left right and center allowing it to allocate a $100 million dollar budget for its marketing campaign which is just shifting into main gear. Brands from the obscure Land O’Frost lunchmeats and Royal Purple to the infamous oracle and 7-Up have partnered to promote the movie. There are a total of 11 marketing partners that are on the Iron Man marketing bandwagon which makes it seems like the movie is everywhere on the web and in real life!

What is it about?

The Iron Man 2 campaign on the web is just part of this comprehensive marketing strategy and it just seems like its gearing to take over the entire web during this month because it has positioned itself everywhere.

The promotion for the movie started at the end of last year with a modest viral campaign that released pieces of information in the form of images of news paper clippings that seemed to be written after the conclusion of the first movie. The campaign kept a low profile until it edged closer to its release date With the help of 11 marketing partners Iron Man is poised to create a marketing storm on the web.

Besides the main movie website, and its own mini-site on the marvel comics site the site has these other web presences:

  • Jon_Favreau’s Twitter account: The movie’s director, who has quite the following on Twitter (760,000+),has been promoting the movie vehemently on the service keeping the fans update on everything IM2

    Jon Favreau - How Do You Say Your Last Name?

    Jon Favreau - How Do You Say Your Last Name?

  • Oracle’s Iron Man Game: Showcasing their Edgesuite technology, Oracle is hosting an online game that utilizes the Iron Man brand to promote their cloud computing technology.
  • Club BK‘s Iron Man 2 games and toys: The kids haven’t been left out from the campaign either, Burger King is promoting their line of Iron Man kid’s meal toys and their own IM2 online game.
  • Stark Expo 2010: The faux site for the Tony Stark technology expo and its own Facebook page! The Expo basically helps showcase all the media sponsors for the movie, among other fake companies, as subsidiaries of Stark Technology and helps showcase their own efforts promoting the movie through their pavilion like Reese’s does here for example. The full purpose of the Stark Expo website will be realized upon the movie’s release on May 7th.
  • Iron Man 2 Facebook Fanpage: Impressive with more than 782,000+ fans and in 7 different languages and many many more features it’s the go-to place to get updates about the movie.
  • Iron Man 2 Taking over MSN France’s homepage
  • Augmented reality “I am Iron Man” application

  • An Interactive Trailer:

  • Audi’s Tony Stark Innovation challenge (we reviewed that one, but didn’t like it much): A competition that is sponsored by Audi that calls for new ideas that promote a better living through technology, users are asked to submit a video no longer than 2 minutes making the case for their idea to get a chance to win a $15,000 grand-prize!
  • and many many many many more ….

Practically, it is really everywhere! With such partners and marketing budget, they had an easier time giving that impression. They wanted quantities, and they checked every other campaign tool that is available in their drawers from sweepstakes, to an interactive trailer, games, augmented reality, faux sites, and of course social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Buzz Generation:

Twitter Account (@jon_favreau): 760,000+ Followers

Facebook Account (Iron Man): 810,000+ Fans

Youtube: The First Movie Trailer has been seen upwards of 14 million times while the second one got more than 6 million!

A lot of Buzz

A lot of Buzz

The numbers here really speak for themselves, not that this movie wouldn’t have done just fine with just the regular amount of marketing and promotion, yet they just seriously went all out for it.

Just in case there is anyone living under a rock somewhere, anywhere in the world he would have heard about the release of the movie. Betcha even Bin Laden is looking to get his tickets and see if he gets another hat-tip in the movie.

Twitter Buzz

Twitter Buzz

Why did it do what it did?

Two things come to mind;

If you don’t feel like being innovative then go for the bucket load of money option. Not that the movie couldn’t have secured a decent marketing budget on its own, but partnering with more than 11 other brands allowed the movies marketing to have very deep pockets and be present everywhere. Quantity should count for something!

Strong Brands don’t really need much to get the word out. Fans of the first movie are dime a dozen, the Iron Man franchise has quite a large following rate, and the trend for super hero movies has been that the sequel was even better than the first one. This was the case for X2, Blade 2, and Spider Man 2 so people have been anticipating this movie already.

What do you think of the campaign? Will you go see the movie? Let us hear your thoughts.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    A very viral campaign – I think it's true what they say: money talks!

    I will definitely go watch the movie – at least for Tony Stark ;)

  2. Tony Stark says:

    Free exclusive Iron Man 2 comic book with some Augmented Reality features at

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