Spanish Football Players Banned from the Act of Tweeting!

There is unlikely to be a tweet out of the Spain players at the World Cup after coach Vicente del Bosque banned them from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook during the tournament“. Reported form Reuters.

In a nutshell, they are not allowed to use the sites at any of the team’s training camps or at the World Cup in South Africa. The main reason behind this decision is to prevent players from placing comments on their accounts that are not well thought through, comments which could get them into trouble!

Spanish Players

Spanish Players

Why this and why now?

I’m sure you remember the incident of  Manchester United Wayne Rooney: when he publicly tweeted about his “personal sexual life” and caused a lot of embarrassment to his team, followed up by an official statement on the official club’s website and an apology from Wayne, personally.

Another incident which may have lead to this decision was the incident where Tottenham striker, Darren Bent, posted “inappropriate comments” about the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, on his Twitter page.

Those were only two examples which I am sure can be followed up by a list of discrepancies that lead to this most recent banning!

So, what do you think: Do you agree with the ban? Or do you think that players should be able to practice more self-control?

Looking forward to your comment and insights down below :)

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