Twitt(url)y — The Twitter Digg in the works?

Twitter became a sort of linking haven. There are so many links and media that is being shared on the service that makes it really a great tool to figure out what is currently hot by the number of people sharing it.

If only there was some tool that would allow you to just have a Twitter-eye view of the entire traffic and aggregate what’s hot. That’s exactly what Twitt(url)y does.

What does it do?

Twitt(url)y accesses the Twitter pipeline and each time a link is shared on Twitter they will mark it up on their board, add it as a vote to that link, and categorize it as News, Pics, or Videos and put it up on their site.

What's popular in the last 24 hours

What's popular in the last 24 hours

A very simple, responsive  and elegant interface really facilitates the usage of the site and makes it a really great place to catch hot news items and viral videos before they are mainstream internet phenomena. Another very interesting filter that the site provides is sorting the language of the tweets that you want to rank, this allows you to get a better idea of what people speaking different languages are talking about. The site collects the votes for URLs over the span of 24 hours and presents them to their users.

The potential?

@Mashable Got No Tweets, HA!

@Mashable Got No Tweets, HA!

The apps is still a bit buggy, for instance there is the profile feature that would allow you to see all the links shared by a user. This would be a great feature to get an impression of the interests of a user and give you a profile of what he reads or promotes. But sadly when tested, the feature did not work at all. So there is still some room for improvement. Speaking of improvement it would be great if the website could allow you to view the most popular links over a user-define period of time. That way you can get a better idea of what was popular or what is becoming popular over a period of time which would make it a truly invaluable feature for the site.

Regardless of these issues, the application is still great to a get a slice of what is being talked about on the web, and certainly fills a niche in the trending market and could be the Twitter Digg in the works. A service that no longer requires the users to actively go and vote for links but automatically tallies your vote based on what you share.

Check it out at: and let us know your thoughts…

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